Casa Del Sol & Watermelon Sangria

As promised, here is  full recap of the fun Mexican restaurant Dara and I ate at tonight! Casa Del Sol is located in the artsy village of Nyack in Rockland County and the atmosphere, like most restaurants in Nyack, is incredible. The food is not amazing but Dara and I really wanted to try their Watermelon Sangria and decided that this would be the perfect place to eat before heading to the theater to see Food, Inc.




After each ordering a glass of watermelon sangria, we were promptly served a bowl full of chips and salsa



I love Sangria! This particular kind was made with white wine and had chunks of watermelon in it. It was the perfect summer drink!


I ordered the Vegetarian Mediterraneo Quesadillas


These guys were stuffed with roasted veggies, mixed olive tapenade, goat cheese, and monterey. I knew how I’d feel about meat after watching Food, Inc so I wanted to stick to veggies only for the night.


I ate two of these topped with a bit of salsa and hot sauce and the rest is for tomorrow’s lunch!

Overall, this is definitely a place I’d go back to for drinks. The food is just so-so. I love the atmosphere and the watermelon sangria was pretty good. If you’re ever in the area, Nyack is a great place to check out!

What is your favorite local restaurant? Why?

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