Beds Are The New Cubicles

Hey Bloggity Blogfaces! (don’t ask) I woke up this morning and felt like death. I feel better now but I really, really hope that I’m not getting sick because I start training for my new job tomorrow!  I’ve spent all day in bed so hopefully I’m well rested for tomorrow.

I originally planned to go to a spinning class this morning but that obviously didn’t happen. 🙁 I was really looking forward to it so I was kind of bummed. I also skipped my 11:30 English class and spent the day doing school work in bed. I love working from bed. Beds should replace cubicles at offices. You think I’m kidding?

I wasn’t really hungry this morning so I had a light breakfast


This was a toasted WW Arnold Select Sandwich Thin with a Blizzard Butter and WF Blueberry Fruit Spread on one side and a Morningstar Farms Veggie Sausage Patty and one scrambled egg on the other. The egg side is topped with Frank’s Red Hot and Black Pepper.

After breakfast, I got in bed with these two magazines which came in the mail today


I. Love. Ikea. I think Jennifer Love Hewitt looks creepy in her cover picture. Is it just me? I immediately flipped open my issue of Shape to Tina’s story


I was so excited to read it!

I snacked on Blueberry Chobani with some Newman’s Own Organics Cinnamon Sugar Soy Crisps crumbled in


When Jeff got home from class, we split a can of soup for lunch


I had my half with an awesome salad


Made with Organic Mixed Baby Greens, Tomato, Golden Delicious Apple Slices, Almonds, Shredded Carrot, Feta, and two TBSPs of Annie’s Lite Raspberry Vinaigrette.

And Espresso Dark Chocolate for dessert


After doing A LOT of school work in bed, I broke at 4 for a snack


You’re looking at a  delicious MultiBran VitaTop covered with Blizzard Butter. YUMMMM!  This was a great snack!

For dinner, I whipped up a light alfredo sauce using 2 cups skim milk, 1/4 cup + TBSP  AP flour, garlic, basil, TBSP smart balance butter, and 1/4 cup of Parmesan cheese.  We added it to WW Pasta


I know this isn’t the best pasta for alfredo sauce but it’s all we had and it served its purpose. The sauce came out a little flavorless. Any suggestions on how to make it better?

My dinner was lacking in the veggie department so I ate half of a tomato after I was done with the pasta.  Plus, I added some Pom Wonderful to a glass of Poland Spring Raspberry-Lime Sparkling Water for a fun spritzer


Very yummy! I really liked the taste of Pom. I can’t wait to cook and bake with it. Any ideas?

Dessert came from this wonderful bag


Oh man, these were sooo good. I highly recommend them! I had 4 (they’re tiny) with some TJ’s Dark Chocolate Covered Edamame. Mmm the perfect dessert.


Time for sleep! I’m not feeling so great at the moment but hopefully I’ll be able to get to the gym tomorrow morning. If not, it’s just as well. My body needs its rest!

What do you do when you’re getting sick to feel better?

Have a great night!

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  1. Too bad you are feeling so yucky. I hope your training goes well tomorrow.

    P.S. Scanned through a few posts below this one and saw the Pumpkin ice cream. So did it taste like pumpkin pie ice cream? Oh lord. That could certainly get me in some trouble!

  2. hmm you know that happens to me often also- i’ll wake up and feel like crap but then 2 hours later im okay. i would say just keep getting a decent amount of sleep and drink alot of water. it could be a cold that’s trying to sneak up on you.

    to make the alfredo a little tastier i would adios the flour and add in 2 or 3 wedges of laughing cow light swiss (you’ll have to break it up and melt it in) also make sure there’s a good amount of salt and pepper. I don’t really know if that’ll work.. but it might help! Or you could always buy a jarred version and dilute with half skim milk or water.

    “champion chip” cookies? what an awesome name haha
    hope you get your workout in today– have a great weekend!

  3. I love cooking with pom! there are tons of recipes that use it on my blog, but my favorite is to reduce in into a syrup and drizzle it over meat. I also made an awesome bbq sauce with it.

  4. Love your blog and all your breakfast meals look so good! I love vitatops! They are the best aren’t they?!! And Edys Pumpkin Icecream is to die for!!!! Have a great weekend!

  5. Yesssss, Jennifer Love Hewitt does look creepy in the pic., rather creepy in fact.

    Lots of vitamin C when you feel cruddy is always helpful. Like another reader said, lots of water as well. Feel better!!!

  6. When I feel sick I try to stay in bed or on the couch bundled up and drink lots of tea and eat soup. I do get work done because of my laptop and Hunni stays in the office to direct calls to our home phone if I’m needed.

    I used to push through and go to the office or class and the gym. But I would always stay sicker longer. I just had to get over being a perfectionist about pushing through and realize I would be of more use at home and feeling better in the office the next day.

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