Carrot Cake Saves The Day!

Hey guys! Sorry in advance if this post seems a little rushed. I’m still not feeling well and I’m totally exhausted. I’ve had a long day. Thank you for all of the great advice on how to get over my cold!

My day started with level 1 of the 30 Day Shred. Has anybody ever counted how many times Jillian says “low impact but VERY EFFECTIVE!”? We should play a drinking game with the 30 Day Shred. I had a toasted Arnold Select Sandwich thin with Blizzard Butter before I worked out and whipped up a bowl of Chocolate PB Oats after I was done.


I saw this on Holly’s blog last night and while her’s was a lot prettier, mine was still very yummy.

What’s inside:

  • 1/2 cup Quick Oats
  • 1/2 cup Vanilla Soy Milk
  • 1/4 cup Chocolate Almond Breeze
  • 1/4 cup Water
  • 1 Banana
  • Pinch of Flax
  • Pinch of  Shredded Coconut

What’s on top:

  • Blizzard Butter (white chocolate PB)
  • A few Chocolate Chips
  • More Shredded Coconut



I had my first day of training for my new job today! I’m not going to reveal where I’m working for a couple weeks because it’s still so new. I left my apartment at 12:00 to grab some lunch at Subway before work.

6" Veggie Delite with everything except olives (and usually onions but they forgot) and Red Wine Vinegar.

Holy Jalapenos! My mouth was burning after I ate this! The guy loaded them on.

My shift was from 1-5. We got a 15 minute break and I used mine to go to Starbucks for a Nonfat Pumpkin Spice Latte


Plus, I had a mini three musketeers bar at the training orientation. I orginally packed a Larabar to snack on but the PSL kept me pretty full so I never ate it.

When I got home, Jeff and I assessed our dinner situation and realized that we had nothing in the kitchen to eat.

So, we decided to make it a date night!


We headed to Albany Pump Station located in downtown Albany. A couple weeks ago,  when Jeff and I visited this brewery with my brother and his fiancee, we went for happy hour so we only got an appetizer and a couple beer samplers to share. Tonight, Jeff and I decided to check out the full dinner menu.

The inside is pretty awesome




This next picture is specifically for all you runners out there


There was a 40 minute wait so Jeff and I were pretty hungry by the time we sat down. Luckily, I snacked on a few Newman’s Own Organics Cinnamon Sugar Soy Crisps before we left.


I decided to live it up and order their Pear Cider


Notice how the water is going faster than the alcohol.

For dinner,  I ordered the Turkey Burger and Sweet Potato Fries:

Ground turkey delicately spiced with sage. Served with cranberry mayonnaise

I asked for the cranberry mayo on the side and spread a little bit on my burger.


I’d like to tell you that this burger was amazing, but I’d be lying. I hated it. I ended up only eating a quarter of it. I picked  off the tomato and ate that along with about half of the sweet potato fries (which were only so-so). BUMMER! What a disappointment. I was actually really excited to try their food. Maybe I just ordered the wrong thing. I was originally planning on ordering the veggie burger but changed my mind at the last second. I should have gone with my instinct.

After dinner, we stopped at a local diner for dessert. I knew exactly what I wanted as soon as I opened the menu.


Carrot Cake!!!!!!!! I was hoping it would make up for my sad dinner experience and boy did it ever!


The slice was HUGE but so amazing!


I didn’t eat the whole thing. I ended up playing with it more than eating it, actually. I mostly ate the cake part, which was so moist. I really wasn’t expecting such a good piece of cake from a diner. I had a couple tastes of the icing too and it was great! It wasn’t too sweet and I was loving the nuts stuck to it. YUM! This definitely made up for a crappy dinner.

I also had a cup of green tea to soothe my scratchy throat


I warned Jeff that I might fall asleep while blogging. I’m surprised that I’m still here typing away. Now, it’s time for sleeeeeep. I’ve got another work training session in the morning from 10:30-2. Wish me luck!

What is the worst restaurant experience you’ve ever had?

Have a great night!

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  1. Haha- drinking game with Jillian Michaels 😀 Love it.

    Carrot cake looks awesome! I love turkey burgers but they can end up really gross if not cooked properly…at least the fries are pretty! I really want some cake now 😛

    Worst restaurant…mmm… Last year I went out with family and ordered a wrap, making sure they left out the dressing due to an allergy. It came 20 minutes after everyone else was served (!) DROWNED in dressing. I didn’t want to hold everyone up more so thought I would just pick out what I could, but my family insisted on sending it back. Next wrap came and half-way through eating, I started choking- something was stuck in my throat! I was in so much pain and couldn’t breathe and ended up in the ER where they removed whatever it was (they thought it was plastic/glass?!)…never going back there again!

  2. I’m sorry you’re still not feeling well 🙁 Get some rest!
    The worst restaurant experience I ever had: I went to my fave local restaurant with a friend. I ordered this dish that was basically grilled veggies on flatbread and asked for no cheese. Well, when they brought it out, they brought the chicken version with no cheese. I sent it back since I’m vegan. A little while later they brought me the veggie one. I start eating and I find chicken underneath the veggies! Like they just tried to scrape the chicken off and put veggies on top for a quick fix! I hadn’t eaten meat in 12 years and I just felt so sick and upset . . . it was absolutely awful. Seriously not proper food handling procedure! What if someone had an allergy and they were pulling things like that? I never went back, and they went out of business about a month later.

  3. The worst restaurant expereience wasn’t the food it was the service. We went to a local Ruby Tuesdays so I could get the salad bar for dinner. It took them 10 minutes for the hostess to recognize us and seat us. Then our waitress never showed up. Another waiter was kind enough to bring us drinks and take our order. She still never even checked in to see how we were or apologize. It took us 20 minutes after we were done to get our check. I never don’t leave a tip so I made sure to hand the tip to the waiter who had served us and not put it with the bill. And when I called the manager to complain he said he would send us a gift card. It never arrived. I called to check and he said it had been put in the mail. It still never arrived. I won’t go back to that location ever again.

  4. I’ve had some really bad experiences. I just hate when you have a bad experience, and they are completely unapologetic for it. I get it happens and that no restaurant is perfect, but still!

  5. I think I might change the name of my blog to “Will Run for Beer”….

    Mmmm I love veggie subs from Subway! Your turkey burger and sweet potato fries look so yummy, how disappointing that they didn’t taste as good as they look! Glad the carrot cake was yummy though!!

    Feel better soon!

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