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I am officially done with the semester and done with my part time job. I walked out of Banana Republic on Friday night with a huge bruise on my leg and a burning hatred for working in retail that is even stronger now than it was when I first took the job.

The night was hectic, chaotic, and downright hellish. I spent four and a half hours folding and refolding stacks of clothing and helping customers find perfect holiday gifts while silently cursing to myself. As I tried to throw a huge cardboard tube into the dumpster at the end of the night, it came crashing back down onto my leg and formed an instant bruise above my knee. I took it as a goodbye present from Banana Republic. I hope to never work in retail again. That’s what I said when I stopped working at Bath and Body Works at the Palisades Center. And again when I quit working at Sephora.

Anyway, since the bruise became even larger by Saturday morning, I decided to skip the gym. Instead, Jeff and I braved the mall. On Friday night I complained about holiday shoppers; on Saturday, I was one. I bribed Jeff with lunch at the diner to get him to go shopping with me. (hehe) But since I fail at life sometimes, I forgot my camera. So, I feel it is necessary to subject you to my secret artistic talent.

At the diner, I ordered half a grapefruit and a toasted blueberry muffin

Beautiful, right? After lunch, we headed to the mall….

….and spent 2 horrendous completely pleasant hours pushing through crowds and trying not to yell at everyone.

When we got home from the mall, I attacked half a bowl of Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn.

Our friends Jess and Seth came over at around 8 and we decided to go out for Chinese.

I feel that my picture is spot on. What do you think?

I FAILED AGAIN and forgot my camera. We went to a restaurant called Emperor’s and had a fun time. Jess and I plotted to set the tank full of lobsters free in the parking lot while Jeff and Seth talked about science.

I ordered the vegetable spring rolls and the vegetable dumplings.

I also stole some white rice from the middle of the table and drank more tea than my bladder could stand.  After dinner, we rented Bruno and laughed shamelessly on our couch until it was time to say goodnight. I also drank this wonderful blueberry beer:

Twas a marvelous double date. I love hanging out with Jess and Seth! 🙂

I went to the gym this morning and watched TV worked out on the crossramp for an hour.  When I got home, I whipped up a batch of banana oats for Jeff and I.

I used skim milk instead of vanilla soy milk because Jeff thinks soy milk is disgusting. (I snuck some in anyway….shhhh don’t tell!)

We’re out of cinnamon. I really need to call the police. I definitely like banana oats better with vanilla soy milk and cinnamon but  this batch wasn’t too bad. I topped my bowl with Justin’s Organic Honey PB and a few Dark Chocolate Chips.

As soon as I got home from the gym it started snowing. I love being locked inside all day while it snows. I just vegged out on the couch and read blogs for the majority of the day.

I managed to snap one picture of my food from last night because I took home one leftover dumpling. Yes, I wrapped one dumpling– they were huge.

I know it looks like a brain but trust me, it was delicious. I had the dumpling along with a clementine and FSTG chips for lunch.

Jeff and I randomly decided to make burritos for dinner. We combined 90% lean ground beef, black beans, brown rice, chili powder, hot sauce, and shredded cheese then stuffed the mixture into WW Tortillas

I had one and a half. They kind of tasted more like tacos than burritos but they were good so it didn’t matter.

After dinner, my stomach decided that it wanted brownies. Enter Ghiradelli Double Chocolate Brownie Mix:


I usually don’t use brownie mix or any type of baking mix for that matter. I’m usually a 100% from scratch type of girl but I was feeling lazy tonight and decided to splurge. 🙂

Are you for or against mixes?

I don’t want to make it a habit but I think it’s fine once in a while.

Now, I’m just waiting for the brownies to cool and getting ready for bed.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Have a great Monday!

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  1. lol, you are just TOO cute with the little stick figures and pictures…hee hee hee!
    I don’t use mixes…ever. Unless they’re doctored up, and unless they are on a crazy sale. I’m kind of a snob when it comes to this, haha. >.<

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