Eating Locally at Woody's All Natural

I had a fabulous Christmas weekend.

It started on Saturday morning with a nice warm bowl of banana oats topped with cranberries, dark chocolate chips, and almond butter.

Then I went with my parents and my brother’s fiancée, Angela, to  stare at Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law for two hours.

Please go see this movie. It was excellent. I would see it again in an instant!

After the movie, we headed to a burger joint called Woody’s All Natural for lunch.

This place was awesome! Check out the website to learn more about their mission: “Eat Seasonal. Eat Local. Eat Together.” They describe their restaurant as a “new “old” fashioned burger joint…offering fast, simple meals for people on the go using fresh, wholesome ingredients.”


Their burgers are made from locally raised, grassfed/grain-finished beef.

The burger I ordered did not disappoint.

I ordered a plain hamburger (without cheese) with lettuce, tomato, and jalapenos. I topped it with a bit of ketchup and devoured the entire thing. It was totally worth it.

The inside of the restaurant was so cute too!

Angela and I decided to share one of the brownies they were selling at the counter.

It was HUGE. Since it was the size of my camera, I decided to store it in my camera bag until we got home.

When we got back to my parents house, I sliced the brownie in half diagonally. It tastes better that way! I gave Angela the bigger half.

Then I sliced my half in half again

OMG. Ammmmmazzzing.

After I was done with my “half” of the brownie, I died doing level one of the 30 Day Shred. I haven’t worked out since the day before I had my wisdom teeth extracted last Wednesday. The doctor told me not to exercise until I felt ready. I went for a walk with my brother on Christmas day but that’s the only physical activity I’ve done since last week. Laying in bed for 5 days straight after having surgery really takes a toll on your body. It made me pretty weak. Not to mention all of the crap soft foods I had to eat for a week straight (i.e. KFC mashed potatoes and Friendly’s milkshakes). Needless to say, my body did not like being shocked back into an intense workout with Jillian Michaels. My legs were shaking by the end and I was exhausted. I did the shred again this morning and it felt 10 times better but not 100% yet. I think it’s going to take about a week for my body to get back on track.

After my workout, I watched reality tv with Angela for the rest of the night. I got a little hungry at around 8:00pm so I had some of Angela’s leftover Whole Wheat Pasta and 1 Meatball


Plus a couple pieces of Dove Dark Chocolate for dessert.

Today I went to New Hope, PA with my parents for the day. I’ll save that recap for tomorrow since this post is already a million years long. 🙂

What did you do this weekend?

Have a great Monday!! <3

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  1. My husband really wants to see that movie! I can’t wait to go now that you say it is good too 🙂

    That burger place sounds really cool, and that brownie looks mouthwatering.

    I had a jam-packed weekend. It was SO busy … traveling to see family, etc. I just want to sleep now!

  2. That restaurant is so cute! I wish the beef was grass finished though. I really want to see that movie!! I’m cheap though o will probably wait and rent it.

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