Agnello's Coal Burning Brick Oven Pizzeria

If you haven’t already, check out my last post about Vegetarian Feburary to give me some tips for giving up meat. 🙂

I realize I’m very behind on recaps. I just got back to my apartment in Albany. Getting my life back in order then I promise to catch up!!

Dove Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Promises Giveaway Winners

#2: Lexi

I love peanut butter & chocolate! But as a southern girl that Bananas Foster looks so tempting!

#11: Aileen

The PB-milk chocolate sounds awesome! I’d also love to try the dark chocolate-tiramisu promises. Yum!

#36: Cheryl L.

I would like to give the Original DOVE® Chocolate Ice Cream a try. Everything looked good.

#46: Rachel

I would go for good old peanut butter and chocolate. Thanks for the giveaway!

#54: Natalie

I’ve always been a fan of the Dark Chocolate Promises, but I just saw that they have ice cream on their website and now I really want to try it!

Congratulations ladies!! Send me an email at with your info so I can have Dove send you your chocolate!!

I’m out of vanilla soy milk.

Call the police!

Since I don’t like my oats with regular milk, I decided to make eggs for breakfast on Wednesday morning.

2 scrambled eggs and a slice of whole wheat toast with PB.

I am obsessed with Frank’s Red Hot in case you couldn’t tell.

My breakfast kept me full for a long time and fueled me through two back to back workouts.

My abs felt amazing after I was done. I REALLY like the Shape Yoga DVD. I’ve been doing pretty much everyday for the past two weeks. Since I borrowed it from the library and have to give it back, I decided to order it from Amazon. YAY!!

Confession: I haven’t gone past level 1 of the shred. I’m scared. Has anybody done level 2 or 3?  After reading Caitlin’s 30 Day Shred Challenge post, I definitely think that they are going to be hard! I think I’m going to try level 2 when I get back to my apartment. Hmmm…

I had a HUGE craving for celery for some reason when I was done working out. My mom didn’t have any so I made a salad instead.

Romaine, Spinach, Arugula, Carrots, Cucumbers, Walnuts, TBSP Lemon Tarragon dressing


I went to Agnello’s Coal Burning Brick Oven Pizzeria with my brothers, Adam and David, and David’s fiancée, Angela, for dinner. I wrote a review of Agnello’s on the blog a couple months ago but now I have better pictures!

My brothers thinking hard about what to order!

We started with some appetizers:

Mozzarella and Roasted Red Pepper Salad

Zucchini Parmigiana

Sorry for the blurry picture. Everyone was ready to dig in so I tried to take a quick picture and failed a little bit.

Here’s my plate:

Everything was fantastic! Agnello’s roasts their own red peppers and they were amazing.

We ordered a large pizza: half sausage and half plain.

This time everyone waited patiently for me to take a picture. 🙂 Agnello’s pies are topped with fresh mozzarella, imported tomatoes, olive oil, and basil.

I tried to talk my brothers into ordering half the pizza with veggies, but they were having none of that. So I had one of the plain slices.


We each had two slices. I took my second slice home for my father since he loves pizza. I was pretty full!

The slice looked so perfect, I had to take some pictures.

Ready, Set, Drool

Do you like pizza? Tell me about the best slice you’ve ever had!

I think Agnello’s might be my favorite in the area. It’s definitely the best pizza in Rockland County!

Check out the history page on Agnello’s website to learn more about the pizzeria.

Have a great Sunday!!!

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  1. Best pizza was from a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Rome(duh) with a thin crust, really herby, light sauce and jsut the perfect drizzle of a fresh cheese. I ate it 3/4 nights

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