Dear Meat, I Don't Miss You

Today marks exactly a month since I stopped eating meat. The original challenge was to go vegetarian for the entire month of February but I decided to start sooner.


  • I don’t miss meat at all
  • My allergies have cleared up a bit and my asthma doesn’t bother me as much while I am working out. I also have more energy
  • I feel better about myself
  • I love animals even more now than I did when I first decided to go meat-free
  • I also feel a stronger connection with them (if that makes sense)
  • The vegetarian blogging community is amazing!
  • Challenging myself to become a vegetarian has helped me set and follow other goals for things such as running and time management
  • Most importantly- I don’t think I can go back to eating meat when February is over.

I’m sure I’ll learn and realize a lot more as I go along. Thank you all for your support so far! It’s helped me tremendously.


I ran another 3 miles at a 5.5 pace on the treadmill yesterday. Tuesdays and Thursdays seem to be my running days now (along with either Saturday or Sunday). I may shoot for 4 miles this weekend-we’ll see. Before I left I had a bowl of banana oatmeal. I had some beautiful pictures but my camera ate them. My oats pretty much look the same every time I make them so you can check out my last post if you’re really interested.

When I got home from the gym, I rushed around my apartment like a crazy person getting ready for an interview I had with Matthew FROM Uncommon Grounds AT Uncommon Grounds. I’ve been communicating with Matthew for a long time on Twitter. I finally decided to put a face to the name and interview him for a story I’m writing for one of my classes. Depending on the grade I receive, I may post the story on my blog in a couple weeks. Matthew is really an interesting guy and I had a great time learning more about him! (Thank you again Matthew)

I got to Uncommon Grounds a little early and I was famished from running so I ordered a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel with PB

I also ordered iced coffee in my awesome UG travel mug. I think the girl thought I was crazy for ordering iced coffee in February–not to mention in a mug meant for hot drinks. Do you drink iced coffee in the winter?

When I got home from the interview, I had an afternoon snack made up of celery, baby carrots, and hummus.

I may or may not have had an chocolate chip oatmeal cookie afterward.  I had a class at 4:15 and snacked on a cranberry heart thrive cookie while there.

And for dinner…


Homemade Pizza again! With garlic, onions, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, basil, and red pepper on my half.

With salad on the side (no dressing- just greens)

Cookies for dessert but now they’re gone so I’m safe!


This morning, I followed what seems to be my new Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine (new- meaning I’ve been following it since the middle of January). It consists of Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred and 30 minutes of Yoga directly after. My abs always feel amazing after the combination of the two workouts. I really like using Jillian Michaels’ DVDs and Yoga for strength training. I think I may try level 3 of the shred in March. I also haven’t tried Jillian Michaels’ No More Trouble Zones yet. Maybe I’ll try it over my mini-vacation (I have off from school until Wedneday).

After my workout, I made an Egg, Cheddar, and Red Pepper sandwich on a Whole Grain English Muffin:

It was wonderful!

I brought some pretzels with me for a snack during my classes today:

When I got home, I had leftover pizza and a salad with balsamic vinegar for lunch. No picture because I figured it would be redundant.

For an afternoon snack, I had 2 whole wheat wasa crackers with PB & Blueberry Fruit Spread on top.

I also tried a really great iced tea that I found at the co-0p last week:

I’ll definitely be picking some more up the next time I go grocery shopping. I think I have a new favorite bottled tea. Of course, I’ll always love Honest Tea as well.

To prevent this post from becoming a giant, I’m going to leave you wondering what I had for dinner tonight. Don’t be too upset! I know you’re dying to know. I hope I didn’t ruin your Friday night. (Note the sarcasm)


How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?

I have always loved Valentine’s day regardless of whether I’ve had a boyfriend or not.

Jeff and I have  fun dinner plans for tomorrow night.

Do you have plans or are you anti-Hallmark holiday?

Have a great Saturday!

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  1. I don’t necessarily have a problem with valentines day, but I think it puts too much pressure on people to do something spontaneous and romantic.

    Personally, I’m going to a drive-in and getting sh**faced with my significant other. Good times.

    I censored myself, you’re welcome :p

  2. Honestly, I am overly impressed with your success thus far. Even as a medical doctor, I understand the importance of vegetables and a vegan lifestyle. I must admit however, that it is quite hard to stray away from tasty steaks and burgers. I commend you on your success and I hope you keep up the great work.

  3. Girl, the Lemon & Lime Unsweet is my ABSOLUTE fave of all of our products. I’m glad you found it!

    Thanks again for the props in your blog. (and for making me hungry!)

    April Riggs
    Sweet Leaf Tea
    Consumer Services Manager

  4. Hmm, after I watched Food,Inc. I have had a hard time with the idea of eating meat as well. I avoid all of the brands that were shown during the movie. Maybe I should try going veg for a month! I think it would be totally doable!

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