Butternut Squash, Birthdays, and Bahama Mama Cupcakes

Ready. Set. LONG POST!


Valentine’s Day started with heart shaped pancakes…

Then it was off to the vegan bakery to pick up cupcakes for Julianne’s birthday party (more on that later). The cupcakes weren’t  ready yet, so Jeff and I wandered into a nearby cafe where I sipped green tea

and consumed an entire bowl of home fries

I have a weakness for potatoes. Jeff helped a little but this was mostly me.

When we got back to the bakery, I spent 10 minutes staring at various vegan baked goods (which were all conveniently on sale for half price) and left with a box full of cupcakes, a triple chocolate brownie, and a cranberry sugar cookie

Bakeries are dangerous.

When we got home, I ate my leftovers from the Greek restaurant…

…and my stomach exploded with happiness. I had part of the cookie pictured above for dessert. I also tried a piece of the  ‘I Love You’ Conversation Heart Sugar Cookie that I got for Jeff from the bakery and forgot to take a picture of.

A couple weeks ago, Tofurky sent me a coupon to try out a product for free.

Confession: I’ve been scared of tofu for a really long time. I was a little hesitant when the company contacted me because I thought I was going to hate it. But I figured I’d give it a try and I’m happy I did.

Jeff and I made spinach and whole wheat spaghetti with tomato basil sauce and sun-dried tomato & basil ‘sausages.’ The ‘sausages’ looked and tasted exactly like real sausage. They were an excellent addition to our Valentine’s Day dinner. I also baked a butternut squash and topped it with a little cinnamon, maple syrup, butter, honey, and brown sugar. AMAZING!

Jeff and I watched a movie on Sunday night so my dessert looked like this:


I ran 3 miles at the gym yesterday at a 5.5 pace. I’ve been trying to increase my mileage before I increase my speed. I don’t know if that’s what I’m supposed to be doing but it’s been working for me. Thoughts?

For breakfast, I wanted to use the “sausages” again so I made a “sausage” and cheese omelet:

Topped with Frank’s Red Hot, of course! This tasted a lot better than I expected it to. I wasn’t sure the sun-dried tomato and basil flavors would mix well with the eggs but it was awesome!

For lunch, I had leftover butternut squash and Annie’s Mac & Cheese with peas mixed in.

And part of the vegan triple chocolate brownie for dessert:

So delicious!

After lunch it was time to get the apartment ready for Julianne’s Birthday party

Beer from a local brewery

My brother, David, and his fiancee, Angela, gave Jeff and I dip bowls and fun dips for Christmas. I decided to break them out for the party. There was a Raspberry Honey Mustard dip (my favorite!) with pretzels, a Bruschetta dip with Bruschetta crackers, and a Cheese dip with tortilla chips.  Everything was awesome! I could probably eat the whole jar of raspberry honey mustard dip in one sitting.

And then this happened:

And this:


Ridiculous veggie pizza- I had one and a half slices
Jess, Maureen, and Julie

Then it was time to sing Happy Birthday

Half the cupcakes were vanilla with strawberry frosting (per the birthday girl’s request) and the other half were “Bahama Mama”- banana cupcakes with vanilla frosting and shaved coconut.  I opted for a banana cupcake but tried the strawberry one as well.

They were outstanding! If you live anywhere near Troy, NY, I definitely recommend stopping by X’s To O’s Vegan Bakery.

After devouring the cupcakes, we played Rock Band until 1 am and probably woke up all of the neighbors.

Julianne had too much birthday and was sleeping on the couch.

And that’s all folks!

What’s your favorite party food?

Have a great night and an awesome Wednesday!!

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  1. The running rule is increase your speed or distance but not both at the same time. I always go for distance first to get to the distance I want to run. Then I do intervals increasing my speed.

    Those cupcakes look good. I love random flavors.

  2. Hi, just found your blog and really love it! I am a beginning runner too, so it’s great to find someone more or less in the same boat!
    The birthday party looked awesome and the cupcakes 🙂 !!!! I always think grapes are good nibbles for parties and yeah, anything you can dip!

    Best wishes,
    Jessica xxx.

  3. Are you OCD? I notice your beer bottles are perfectly lined up in the fridge. And the cupcake box labeled “Julianne Greenberg cupcakes” is adorable.

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