I’m officially obsessed with BodyFlow. I’m really just obsessed with anything yoga related. I went to a class this morning at my gym and it was fabulous. Tonight I am going to a BodyPump class with my friend, Jess. I’m a little scared. Have you tried BodyPump? Am I going to explode? Seriously, warn me.

Anyway, I picked up sunflower shoots at the farmers’ market the other day.

They are amazing. And do you know what they are amazing on top of?

Maybe it’s because they both start with the word sun.

This was lunch yesterday. I bought the garden herb sunshine burgers at the co-op with a coupon the company sent me a couple months ago. They were pretty tasty. I added sunflower shoots, tomatoes, and red peppers (awesome combination by the way)

After lunch, I devoured a lavender cookie

I reallllyyy need to get the recipe for these the next time I go to the farmers’ market. They are soo good. I just stopped blogging for a second to get one.

Do you guys ever get ridiculously hungry reading food blogs? It happens to me all the time. I’ll crave banana oatmeal at 11pm. It can’t only be me.

Jeff and I made the most delicious quesadillas for dinner last night.

I used a Cooking Light corn & chile quesadilla recipe and made a couple changes.

  • We ditched the mushrooms (not the biggest mushroom fan)
  • We used canned chopped green chiles because we couldn’t find Anaheim chiles
  • We used cheddar cheese instead of gouda but I REALLLLY want to try it with gouda

They were awesome! Please make this recipe tonight. I promise- you will not regret it.

Speaking of wanting to eat my computer every time I read food blogs, I noticed that Caitlin made a grilled banana sandwich for breakfast the other day and knew I needed to make one the moment I saw it.

So, I had one for breakfast this morning before BodyFlow.

This was probably the most decadent breakfast I’ve ever had.

I made a couple changes.

  • Used one egg instead of two
  • Added vanilla
  • Left out the powdered sugar (because I don’t have any–not because I didn’t want to add it)

Tell me you don’t want to eat your computer screen.

Well, I’m off to make pizza dough and get ready for BodyPump. Wish me luck. I picked up a some wine so Jess and I can properly celebrate when we successfully make it through our first class.

I promise we won’t drink it all in one night….or will we….

Have a great night!! <3

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  1. I really want to eat that quesadilla! Looks like I know what I’ll be making for myself while Hunni is gone this weekend.

    BTW I love reading your blog because I’m new at the vegetarian thing too and it is interesting to read your new recipes.

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