Blue Bears and Body Pump

This post is  late tonight because of this:

I am at my parents’ house in Rockland County. My mom and I are throwing a baby shower tomorrow for a close family friend. Blue bear lollipops are obviously necessary. We made dark chocolate ones, too. I had one of the dark chocolates for dessert tonight. The blue ones scared me a little. I noticed blue #354588775 on the ingredient list and decided to pass.

Today was a lonnnnggg day.

I checked my gym’s class schedule when I woke up this morning and spontaneously decided that today was going to be the day I would try a Body Pump class. Once I decided-that was it. No turning back.

So, I fueled:

Whole Wheat Toast with PB

Then, I died…

Just Kidding. I actually really enjoyed the class. It kicked my butt and I’m already sore but I can’t wait to go back.

When I got home from the gym, I made an 2-egg red onion and cheddar omelet.

I poured a sea of salsa on the side.  It was a yummy combination.

I had a lot to get done this morning. I had a phone interview and a story I needed to write for the paper at 12.  I showered, and then prepped for the interview while eating a bowl of cheerios (sans milk).

I had leftover chili for lunch.

After I submitted my story, I packed three million dresses for my weekend trip to my parents’ house (I can never decide what to pack!) Then I hit the road.

The trail mix I made and didn’t eat yesterday came in handy. It was a great road trip snack.

The chocolate chips melted in my 600 degree car but made the mix even better. 🙂

I made a pit stop at starbucks for a Venti Unsweetened Green Iced Tea.

When I arrived at my parents’ house, my mom and I went out to dinner at a my favorite local diner. The waiter immeditaly brought out a basket of warm challah bread.

I ordered a Small Greek Salad with the dressing on the side.

The salad was piled high with feta, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, and stuffed grape leaves. Not too bad for a diner salad. I didn’t end up using the dressing.

My mom and I went grocery shopping after dinner for party essentials. We bought watermelon, blueberries, chips and avocados so I can make guacamole. I’m super excited!

Now, it’s 12:45 a.m. and I’m up way too late. So, I’m off to bed!

What is your favorite road trip snack?

Have a great Saturday! <3

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