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Yesterday was a hectic, but fun day! I started to post from bed last night but was so tired that I decided to wait until this morning. Now I’m awake and refreshed!

Yesterday started with a mad rush to get to my body pump class at 8:30. I ran out the door with toast all over my face and made it just in time for the class. Boy, was it a hard one! The instructor showed no mercy and my whole body was burning by the time I left my gym.  Whoo- I love classes like that!

Breakfast was delicious and well deserved.

I made an egg and refried bean taco using a soft corn tortilla, shredded cheddar, salsa, and guac.

I had cherries on the side, which got covered in salsa by accident, but were still really tasty. Don’t knock it until you try it, people.

After breakfast, I had to clean, shower, and conduct a phone interview for a story I wrote for the paper. By the time lunch time swung around I was starving.

I devoured half of a goat cheese, tomato, and spinach/spring mix salad, along with a said of blueberries topped with walnuts.

I also had a bowl of leftover veggie soup.

Jeff’s friends, Andrew and Becky, are staying at our place for the weekend and got here yesterday. We spent all day hanging around the apartment. I had a late-afternoon snack comprised of whole wheat toast and PB

With a little something sweet in the middle: Dark Chocolate Chips

We ate dinner at  one of my favorite restaurants in the area: Brown’s Brewing Co.

I’ve been craving one thing at Brown’s for the past couple months.

I had the Spinach Salad  last year when I went to Brown’s for the first time with my brother and sister-in-law. (Excuse that post if you click on it- I didn’t have a good camera yet). I ordered the salad this time without the mandarin oranges and asked for feta cheese instead of blue cheese. Caitlin and Tina have had me craving feta in the worst way!

Sorry for the blur--it was dark in the restaurant

I was a little disappointed because last year, the balsamic vinaigrette was reduced down and was really thick. This time it was runny. I had been looking forward to the thick dressing all day. Oh well, it was still good! I had some leftover and I’m going to enjoy it while lounging by the pool today.

While at Brown’s, it’s foolish to not order beer.

I ordered the Cherry Raspberry Ale. (Description below)

I was originally going to order the Pale Ale but thought that the cherry-raspberry flavors would go well with the strawberry in my salad. I was right- the flavors did blend nicely. I sipped this beer all night. Our friends, Jess and Seth, met up with us after dinner to hang out by the outdoor bar. It was such a beautiful night.

The outdoor dining area looks right over the river. I really don’t know why we didn’t eat outside last night. We’ll have to next time!

After dinner, we headed back to the apartment and I crashed! This morning, I’m going to squeeze in a trip to the gym before heading down to Wolff’s Biergarten to watch part of the Argentina v Germany World Cup match with Jeff, Andrew, Becky, and Jess. Then, Jess and I are heading back to my apartment to meet up with her twin sister, Erica, to lounge at the pool. It’s going to be a good day.


Something to Discuss:

I’ve been having an inner-debate with myself about vegetarian and non-vegetarian cheese lately. I started a discussion about it on Twitter yesterday.

RoseyRebecca: Vegetarians: What is your opinion on cheese? Do strictly eat rennet-free cheeses? Or are you flexible? I’m having a debate with myself.

Caitlin sort of addressed this topic in her post: Answers to Vegetarian Questions in February. She said:

“I think everyone needs to decide what is acceptable for themselves and what is not acceptable.  Vegetarians don’t eat meat, but that can be a blurry line for some people, and I’m OK with some gray area… but only some!”

Up until now, I’ve been OK with eating all different kinds of cheese. I consciously try to buy cheese with vegetable rennet in it, but as you can see in this post, I still eat goat cheese and feta cheese. I think I agree with Caitlin on this topic. I don’t eat meat and I avoid items that contain chicken broth or gelatin, but cheese is my gray area and I think I’m OK with that. Most of the cheese I buy is from the co-op and contains vegetable rennet. Just as a side note: we usually only buy eggs from local farms at the co-op, too.

I think this is an important topic since I’ll be writing a column for the newspaper about vegetarian dining. I will definitely double check with the chef that vegetarian menu items are really vegetarian.  A soup can be meatless but still be made with chicken or beef broth. Or, as I learned at this restaurant, some lentil soups don’t have meat in them, “they just have bacon,” according to the waitress. A lot of people don’t realize that being a vegetarian isn’t just about not consuming meat, like chicken or steak.  A can of refried beans at grocery store or on your plate at a Mexican restaurant may contain lard, and that’s not vegetarian, so I stay away from that, too and only buy vegetarian beans. I also know that some alcohol isn’t vegetarian.  There are a lot of things to remember. At first, I didn’t realize everything that went into being a vegetarian. Now I do and am able to establish my borders, like Caitlin.

I’d really like to know what you think about this. It will help me write my column and I’m just really interested in your thoughts!

Have a great Saturday <3

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  1. Because I’m not vegetarian for the same reasons you are I have a bit of a bigger blurry line. But I do have to be careful with things like the broths and lard due to my digestive issues. I’m glad you will be checking into that because I rarely order soups unless they are specified vegetarian.

  2. I am not a vegetarian but I wanted to comment to say that it’s relatively easy to make your own goat cheese. You just need the goat milk, vegetable rennet and a free evening/afternoon. And a lot of people to eat the massive amount of goat cheese you will make! I did this several years ago and gave it away as holiday gifts. From what I remember it does involve an overnight process of draining the whey from the curds. You will end up with a soft goat cheese that you can mix whatever into- sun dried tomato, pesto, garlic & chive… I think if you wanted to make feta from there all you would need are some molds and time but I’m not sure.

  3. I think this is a case of picking your battles. You very well might be someone who is proactively involved in vegan causes and still eat animal rennet or even animal meat. I hate to draw the line at any label; I’m going to do what I can to help animal rights but at the same time I’m living my own meat-eating life.

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