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Love in a Coffee Shop

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I make to-do lists for the important things in life.


Edited to add: Pose for silly picture with Heather at a coffee shop:


I spent most of my day yesterday in Uncommon Grounds.


At 5:30, I abandoned this coffee shop to spread my love at another, but not before I devoured the most amazing bagel in the world.      IMG_7694

Two words: Rosemary Olive


Three more words: Hummus and Tomato.

Enough said.

After inhaling said bagel, I made my way to another cafe…

…. to meet up with Heather and Cynthia


…to take pictures of Operation Beautiful notes in the bathroom…IMG_7702

…and to be serenaded by this fine musician…


Tweets were as follows:

@ThenHeatherSaid: wait until you all hear about our awkward coffee shop experience

@RoseyRebecca: #FF @ThenHeatherSaid @MissyRayn: #guyplayingmusicinthecoffeeshop

And then I almost spilled iced chai all over my laptop.


@ThenHeatherSaid: me: i was scared for your life @RoseyRebecca: i was scared for my blog. #haha #thingsbloggersget.    IMG_7704

IMG_7706  IMG_7721  IMG_7717  

Cookie Friday:


Had two bites, and saved the rest for Jeff. Too sweet for me.

Things CDNY Bloggers can look forward to at Monday’s Meet-up.

@ThenHeatherSaid: ditto. any other #cdnyeatdrinkblog gers want to join us? RT @RoseyRebecca: @HealthyDelish @ThenHeatherSaid Monday night works for me.


And, for no reason at all, the awesome sticker on my wallet:


Breakfast this morning was inspired by Courtney:     IMG_7731


Peaches, Oats, Plain Oikos, Cinnamon, Dark Chocolate Chips, Toasted Wheat Germ.

The. End.

Off to work! How do you feel about coffee shops? Chai lattes? Yogurt parfaits? Tell me about it.

Have a Great Day! <3

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