Speaking of Coffee Shops…and Toads

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Speaking of my love for coffee shops, I worked in one all day yesterday, and I’m about to work in one all day today. I’m scheduling this post to go up at 3 p.m. so I’m probably making lattes as we speak.

Jeff and I went on a date last night. 🙂


I had a coupon for Uno Chicago Grill and knew exactly what I wanted to order.


I love this wrap! I ordered the balsamic on the side because it usually makes the wrap too soggy, and that’s no good. No. Good.


Sadly, the wrap didn’t come with watermelon, like the description promised. Instead, I ordered the Farro Salad for my side. (Sound familiar, Courtney?)


A whole wheat grain, cooked like pasta and mixed with diced tomatoes, cucumbers and balsamic vinaigrette.

I thought the the salad was OK, not great. It had wayyy too much balsamic mixed in. I think I’m just a dressing-on-the-side type of girl. Who’s with me?

When we got home from our date, we found a TOAD hanging out on the pathway to our building.


I seem to remember this happening last year some time.  🙂 (I love my blog because it allows me to search for past toad pics)

Mr Toad sat totally still and posed for a photo shoot. It was kind of ridiculous because it was pouring out and Jeff had just sprinted across the parking lot at the mall to get the car, but we were totally fine standing in the rain to take pictures of a toad.

Mr. Toad sat in the same spot even after we walked away. I laughed for ten minutes after taking this picture from my balcony:


The. End.

Do you make special requests when ordering at restaurants?

Have an awesome day! <3

PS- I might be road-tripping down to my parents’ house on August 5th so I can meet up with the girls who plan to stand outside The Today Show for Caitlin’s segment on Operation Beautiful.  Anybody interested in coming? Send me an e-mail: beccarose21[@]aol[dot]com

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  1. Haha that toad is so cute! That wrap looks tasty! I haven’t been to Unos in a really loong time. I’m glad to see they have healthy things on the menu, since their pizzas are huge calorie bombs.

  2. I make special requests quite often! I try to be really nice about it though. 🙂 Usually simple things – and I almost always get my dressing on the side. Wish I was going to be in NYC for The Today Show on the 5th!

  3. That’s cool Uno’s has a veggie wrap….I don’t know how the chain Uno’s are but the original Uno’s in Chicago has pizzas that are just LOADED with bad stuff…. we are talking like 600 calories per piece or something crazy like that!

  4. I always make special requests. I swear I am Meg Ryan from When Harry Met Sally. Hunni refuses to even order coffee for me.

    Thanks for the info on Uno’s. We always avoid it because of their not so healthy options but the next time we are at the outlets we might actually go.

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