Al Roker is Beautiful

And not just because he posed with my Operation Beautiful sign…


Today was an absolute blast!

A huge group of bloggers met in the city to support Caitlin as she promoted her Operation Beautiful book on the Today Show this morning and we made sure to let them know we were there.


Adriane, Theodora, Caronae, Gabriela, Cynthia, Tina, Jess, Rebecca, Lauren, Jessica, Ashley, Sabrina, and I were the ultimate Operation Beautiful cheerleaders!


Like my shirt?


Cynthia, Lauren, and I


Sabrina with her fabulous sign!



Tina brought me the sweetest present. Knowing full well how obsessed with Murphy I am, she had a picture of him as puppy printed on a magnet for me! Thanks, Tina! You’re awesome! (And so is Murphy!)


I can’t wait to put it on my fridge!

Caitlin did an awesome job! I knew she would. Visit Caitlin’s blog to read her recap and watch the clip of her interview.

We were all on the show a couple times too. Very cool! Did you see us?

Afterward, we went to breakfast at Au Bon Pain.

Candid Blogger Shot:

IMG_8482 I got an egg & cheese croissant, which ended up being wayyy too greasy (could only eat half), and a fruit cup.

Then, we took more pictures!


We’re bloggers, what can I say?

Behind the Scenes Poster Shots:




It took a LONG time but it was so worth it!

After Caitlin’s segment, I had the other bloggers write out Operation Beautiful notes on it:











So amazing! I had a great time and loved meeting so many awesome bloggers!

I don’t even know how I’m awake right now. I’m functioning on one hour of sleep. More on the rest of my day in NYC tomorrow. 🙂

Have an Awesome Night! <3

Hope all of the BlogHer ladies are having an awesome time at the conference!

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  1. Great post!!

    Love the behind-the-scenes shots!!

    I saw you guys this morning- great job- it was awesome seeing the support and the poster-sized post-its!!

  2. Today was so amazing to spend the day with you and everyone to support Caitlin. Your signed poster will be great hanging on your wall.

    BTW I can’t believe you stayed up to write this post with no sleep and 5000 cups of coffee.

  3. So fun — glad we got to meet and that you have a complete list of everyone! I was afraid I was going to forget names. Seriously though, I love meeting new blog friends. Happy times!

  4. Ha that picture of Al Roker holding your sign is awesome.

    Glad you had a fun day and didn’t pass out from lack of sleep!

  5. It looks like you guys had so much fun! And how cool that Al Roker posed with your sign. Neat! I think it was a great idea to have the girls sign it. Love it!

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