Hot. Hot. Hot.

I definitely melted during bikram yesterday morning.


I’ll get to that in a bit. First, I need to tell you about the hot date I went on Saturday night.


Jeff took me out to dinner at a nice restaurant near our apartment called The Standard.

Wine was obviously involved.


I’m kicking myself now because I forgot to write down the name of this wine. It was so good, though. I hate really sweet wine, but also dislike really dry whites. This one was right in the middle and was absolutely perfect.

Jeff ordered a Tang Martini. A TANG MARTINI!!!



We shared a salad to start.


I loved the huge slices of tomato and cucumber. My experiences ordering house salads at restaurants have always been pretty disappointing. They are usually skimpy with iceberg lettuce, carrots, and grape tomatoes. This was probably the best tossed salad I’ve ever had at a restaurant.

I ordered an appetizer for my entree.


Can you guess which one I chose?


Check out that brie!


WHAT?! The cheese was warm and melty—just like I was in hot yoga this morning…

It was a fantastic meal!

Speaking of hot yoga, what better time to try out my Bondi Band than in a class which involves sweating my face off?


About a month ago, I e-mailed Bondi Band to inquire about the company’s headbands. I have a serious sweating problem, and regular headbands just don’t cut it when I’m working out, especially when I’m running. The kind people at Bondi Band offered to send me one to try out. Unfortunately, I received my package the exact same day I hurt my ankle, so I haven’t been able to try it. I took Bikram as the perfect opportunity. It was the ultimate test.

I met Jen and Courtney at 8:45 so we could carpool to Saratoga to meet up with Katie at the yoga studio. We got there a little early, so I took this fab picture of Courtney while we waited to go in.


Hot Yoga is CRAZYYY!

Those of you who have tried it before probably know how intense it is.

For those who haven’t: we had to sign a waiver to take the class. Enough said.

I have never sweat so much in my life. EVER. Not even in spin class. My favorite spin instructor just happened to be at the same class, and she agreed with me. IT WAS CRAZY!

There were a couple points during the 90-minute class where I didn’t know if I’d make it and I wasn’t able to do some of the poses because of my ankle. But I pushed through it and I’m glad I did.

So, what about the Bondi Band?

I LOVED IT! It definitely did its job of keeping sweat from dripping down my face. It was comfortable and stayed put for the entire class. I didn’t have to readjust it once. I definitely plan to order more.

If you have a sweating prob. when you workout, and regular headbands don’t work for you, I seriously recommend trying a Bondi Band.

If you decide to order one, please check out Callie’s blog. She is selling them to help pay for her aunt’s radiation treatments for breast cancer. I plan to order one or two from Callie, and hope you will consider it, too. 🙂

After yoga, we posed for a photo with the instructor:


(My hair is slicked back with sweat…too much info?)

Then, we headed to Saratoga Coffee Traders for brunch.



IMG_8745(Courtney, Jen, and Katie)

Jen and I ordered the same thing: The Gallant Fox Wrap:


Hummus. Feta. Stuffed Grape Leaves. Olives. Lettuce. Tomatoes.

I love this wrap. It might be the only thing I’ve ever ordered there.


After lunch, we  decided that we could never be too full fro FroYo!


I abs0lutely could not say no the White Chocolae Macadamia flavor.


I learned my lesson last time and didn’t go crazy with the toppings. I added shredded coconut, blueberries, mini snow caps, and walnuts.  My bowl came to $2.54 this time instead of $7.16.

The rest of yesterday was spent at working consuming gallons of tea and decaf lattes, and eating a hummus & veggie bagel for dinner.

I have my sports medicine appointment today for my ankle. Wish me luck!!!

Things to consider about this post:

  • I started it yesterday afternoon at 2:45 and then had to run out the door for work.
  • I tried to work on it when I got home last night but fell asleep while I was writing it! Sheesh! Hot Yoga knocked me out!

Catching up on posts?

The. End.

P.S. The new Rosey Rebecca site should be up either today or tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Have a great Monday! <3

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  1. haha I was wondering if someone was going to post a pic with the instructor. I’m glad that you enjoyed it! It was nice to meet some of the cdny bloggers. Good luck with the ankle today!

  2. Hot yoga kicked my ASS. I consider myself in good shape, but wow, I was dying even before class started…. you know you are in for a wild ride when you are sweating buckets while laying on your mat before class begins!!

  3. I’ve heard fantastic things about this yoga studio and have been meaning to try it. I’ve been practicing yoga for a couple years now, but have never taken a Bikram-style class before. Thanks for reminding me that I need to get up there. And I agree – Saratoga Coffee Traders is absolutely scrumptious. Love your blog 🙂

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