Things I’ve Learned (Part Two)

Happy Saturday!!

I have a lot to talk about, so let’s get right to it, shall we?

As I mentioned in my last post, Jeff and I are doing a deep cleaning of our apartment. That means EVERYTHING.


[Note to self: clean the placemat this picture was taken on]

I’m extremely allergic to dust, so I’ve been walking around the apartment with that bad boy on. It’s sexy.

Yesterday, we went to Target, and bought a bunch of organizational stuff I wanted to buy every piece of fall clothing in the store. Priorities, people. Instead, I bought an awesome bedside table. Up until yesterday, I had been using a chair as a table, and calling it a table, too. No good.

I find cleaning to be therapeutic. With everything that’s gone on this week, it helps to know that there is something I can control, even if there are a lot of things I can’t. Having a clean apartment is a HUGE de-stressor for me. I feel so much better when things are organized and in the right place.

I’ve been burning an autumn apple candle, and it’s making me extremely happy. I can’t get enough of fall. I want to wear scarves and boots, even though it’s not the right temperature yet.

OK, enough talk! I give you things I’ve learned this week in pictures:

(I wrote a post like this almost a year ago!!)

I’ve learned that when dining at Japanese or Chinese restaurants, it is imperative to order hot tea, but that it always tastes better in small cups than in big mugs…


I’ve learned that I need these lamps for my apartment…


And that it is quite possible to eat a whole bowl of edamame in one sitting…by yourself…


I’ve learned that squash rolls are not my favorite…

squash roll

…and that I will probably always fail at using chopsticks.

I’ve learned not to fight a craving for cinnamon french toast from a local diner…

french toast

…because it’s just too good to pass up…

Likewise, I’ve learned to never turn down home fries…

home fries

(A couple bites was all it took)

I learned discovered Monterey Jack and Sundried Tomato Sun Chips, and my life will never be the same…


I’ve also learned that I don’t like Subway as much as I used to. The veggie sandwich kind of gets old after a while…

Finally, I’ve learned even more that the blogging community is a wonderful thing. I can’t thank you all enough for your supportive comments, e-mails, and tweets. On Wednesday, as I sat in the doctor’s office, I found myself thinking, “I’m only 23, how can this be happening to me?” Your thoughts and support are what’s helping me get through this. I hope that by sharing my story, I inspire you to get checked out. No matter how old you are, what type of family history you have, or how healthy you are. After all, I’m only 23, and this happened to me.

In October, I want to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Any ideas as to how I can about this on my blog?

Well, I’m off to the gym, and then to the farmers’ market with Lauren and Cynthia! Should be a fun afternoon. Reading forever when I get back.

What have you learned this week?

Have a great Saturday <3

[Check out my guest post on Tina’s blog!]

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  1. I’ve learned a LOT these days, but mostly I’ve learned to cut myself some slack. I do NOT have to be “on” all the time! 🙂

    Love your blog. Hope you’ll follow some of my posts, as well! 🙂

  2. I LOVE itchiban!! I used to go to the one in Syracuse all of the time 🙂 and edamame is the bomb dot com.

    how about hosting an auction on your blog? make a minimum bid and all of the $$ you could give to the cancer society 🙂

    My second mom died of breast cancer and I know lots of breast cancer survivors. this is a topic near and dear to my heart Especially being a nurse 🙂

  3. please tell me that french toast is from Metro 20 aka the best place ever hahaha

    also I still have an over abundance of pumpkin spice cupcakes so perhaps you will receive one if we meet at some point in the near future 😉

  4. I’ve learned that it’s okay to rest my body once in awhile. A recent running injury has sidelined me and it’s been really hard. I am trying to focus on the positive and realize that my body needs to rest!

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