Saving October

Note: Important information about tomorrow’s Bake and Make Sale at the bottom of this post!!

On Saturday, right after I outlined my short-term and long-term goals in my Becoming Who I Want To Be post, I started thinking about ways to achieve them. I looked over my list and pulled out a few goals that I can start working toward right now.

Rainy Day Fund

I know I’m not alone when I say that money, or should I say lack of money, is a major source of stress for me.

I am a broke college student, who is graduating in December, and working at a coffee shop. One of my goals is to be at a place where I don’t have to worry about money, where I don’t need to rely on credit cards, and where I’m not constantly thinking about debt.

Like many of you, I enjoy spending time at coffee shops, eating out regularly, and shopping.

But I think it’s time to take a closer look at my spending, to be more careful with money, and to start saving for the future.

Rainy Day Fund

When I graduate in December, I will no longer receive student loans. My parents, who have helped me quite a bit the past couple years, can’t be expected to pay for my living expenses forever. 

So, I’ve decided that October will be the month I start managing my money in ways that will help me reach my goals. This month, I will pay closer attention to what I’m spending money on, and try to change my spending habits. I will save more, and spend less. I will try my best to get out of credit card debt before I graduate and have to start paying back my loans.

I know I spend most of my money on food and coffee. So, here’s how I plan to change that: 

  • I will not purchase coffee, unless I’m on a coffee date with a friend, like Heather. I can make coffee or tea at home, AND I work in a coffee shop. There’s no reason to buy coffee at all.
  • I will limit the number of times I eat out in a month. I will not give up my weekly lunch dates with Alicia and Emily, and I will definitely not sacrifice occasional dates with Jeff. I will, however, stop eating at Uncommon Grounds 50 times a week. Don’t get me wrong. I love the place, but it adds up.
  • I will be better at grocery shopping. Jeff and I are bad at grocery shopping. We always stray from our lists, and end up with more than we need. Suggestions on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

Hopefully, taking these steps will bring me a little closer to my goal of not having to worry about money.

I’d love to hear your tips for saving money! I need all the help I can get!!

P.S. I just got a Mint account. I hope the site will help me budget my money!

Moving on…

My Blog Bake and Make Sale is TOMORROW!!!

Cancer Sucks

Starting early tomorrow morning, I will be hosting a blog bake sale to raise money for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. A bunch of awesome bloggers (and readers) have offered to donate crafts and baked goods for the sale (I may buy everything myself).

Here are some things you need to know:

  • The sale will start at 7 a.m. and run until midnight EST tomorrow, Wednesday, October 6.
  • The sale is open to US Residents only.
  • I will be accepting last minute craft or baked good donations until 8:00 tonight! (e-mail rebecca[at]roseyrebecca[dot]com)
  • There will be a minimum bid of $10 on each item
  • Those interested in bidding will e-mail a special e-mail address I have created specifically for this sale.
  • I will update the post with the highest bids throughout the day.
  • On Thursday morning, I will post the highest bids, and the winners will have 24 hours to donate the funds to my Making Strides Against Breast Cancer page. If the winning bidder fails to do so, the next highest bid will automatically win.
  • All baked goods and crafts must be shipping out within a week of the sale, unless otherwise stated (Some of the crafts will be customized for the winner, and will take longer to ship).
  • If you have any questions, please e-mail me: rebecca[at]roseyrebecca[dot]com

For more specifics, please check out Meghann’s Rules and Logistics for Blog Bake Sales. Of course, more information will be provided at the start of tomorrow’s sale.

My sale will be very similar to the one Tina hosted in September. Not only did she not mind me copying her, Tina has offered to donate baked goods as well!

As many of you know, raising money for this cause means a lot to me. I will not be participating in the walk because it takes place two days after my surgery. As a thank you, the winners and the runners up will receive a special thank you from me.

If you cannot participate in the sale by donating crafts and baked goods, or by bidding, please do your part to spread the word.

Let’s do this!

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  1. The best rule for grocery shopping is take cash. That way you can only spend what you have and must make choices at to what is more important. It helped me stick to my list. Also menu planning so you know what you need for meals is great.

  2. I have a account, and it’s great. Another great tool is CheckBook Pro. I’m not sure if it’s Windows compatible (I can’t see why not) but I have a Mac. It’s great for keeping track of everything.

    Grocery shopping is the hardest for me, too. I tend to want everything in sight!

  3. Rebecca, I read some back posts and can see why this means so much to you. I have a huge heart for raising money for breast cancer. Though never touched by it personally, I could be someday. 3 years ago I trained and walked 60 miles in Boston raising over $1000 for breast cancer awareness and I have to say it was the most awarding thing I have ever done. You bet I’ll be betting at your sale tomorrow. I wish you the best of luck!

  4. Another vote for I’ve had an account there for a long time, but I only really started using it after I downloaded their mobile app on my phone… I wish I had used it from the beginning. Their budgeting tool is incredibly helpful, and now’s the time to start — use October to figure out your budget starting point, then November to fine-tune it a little. By your graduation in December, you’ll have a very clear idea of where your money is going, and where you might be able to spend even less.

    Coffee and groceries are bugbears for my budget too. Sounds like you’ve got coffee covered. For groceries, try not to by non-grocery items at the grocery store. My boyfriend and I used to bring a calculator to the store with us and punch in the prices of everything as we shopped to keep the trip in budget. It was kind of fun actually. 🙂 It’s also a good way to see what groceries really eat up your allotted cash (like meats).

  5. Hi there!! New to your blog and SO wish I would’ve found it in time for the bake sale – that’s so fantastic that you did that! My mom is a breast cancer survivor, it’s a cause near & dear to me.

    In regards to budgeting, we’re doing that, too. After a review of what our money went to during the month of August & Sept (fellow coffee addict), we made a plan and have been trying to stick to it. Also using and am loving it! I’ve got it set up to alert me on all of my budgets, which has been useful.

    Good luck!! Loving your blog! 🙂

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