Fall Guest Post Series: Tracey (I’m(Not)Superhuman)

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Here I am, halfway through my last semester at UAlbany. I am knee-deep in readings, essays, and group projects. I keep thinking about December 8—my last day of classes–and realizing that once that day comes, I won’t have any of my class assignments to worry anymore. Actually, I won’t have to worry about school anymore at all.

But, for right now, I’m stressed to the max.

When Tracey sent me her guest post in August, I looked into the future and knew this time of the semester would come, and also knew that it would be the perfect time for this post.

If you’re in college, or ever have been, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The point in the semester when your head feels like it’s going to explode. Or, maybe you’ve encountered this type of feeling at work.

No matter when you’ve experienced it, this guest post is for you.

(Note: Tracey is one of my favorite bloggers. She’s hilarious, and such a great writer.Check out her blog at I’m (Not) Superhuman)


7 Headache Cures. (Or, How to Make Your Brain Shut Up) 

Oh goodness, here I go again giving advice about some sort of illness. That’s my thing, you know. Some people have the marathon thing. Some do the whole raw-food-only thing. Mine? Mine is getting injured or hurt or some sort of sickness and talking about that. I’m not sure how I got this gig, but I’m willing to trade.

So, yeah, when Rebecca said she was looking for guest posts I happened to have a splitting headache. And then three days later when I went to write the post I had another one. So I figured we could talk about that because A) I can’t be the only human on the face of the planet whose
head sometimes splits in half, and B) talking about my headache makes me feel better somehow. We all win.

So, where was I? (See, when your mind spontaneously combusts into teensy pieces that each throb to their own individual beat you lose track of important details like names, numbers, and your place in time.) The headache. Right. Here are some ways* you can stop the ache:

1. Chug a bottle of water. Because when you’re dehydrated your body starts panicking and you might get dizzy. Or, you know, your brain might shrivel up like a raisin and throb with the force of thunder. At least that’s what I think is going on.

2. Pop open a cold one. No, not a beer. Alcohol plus headaches don’t mix. It’s like ketchup and pancakes. Do. Not. Combine. But Diet Coke and headaches? Ah-mazing. I know it’s just from the caffeine—and, yes, you can crack open a Pepsi if you’re part of the 2 percent of humans who prefer it—but I’m telling you, soda can nip a headache in the bud before it becomes a brain-eating monster.

3. Nap. Should your slight ache turn into a world-rocking, brain-destroying headache (or worse: a migraine), find a quiet room, turn off the lights, and take a nap. Have kids? Ladies, this is what duct tape is made for.**

4. Take a shower. Savor the warm water and shut your eyes. Relax. Being stressed-out can cause headaches or make them worse, so just try to chill.

5. Shut off the computer. Listen, the computer can make your eyes all wacky and that can cause a headache. When your head is already pounding, straining at the computer just makes it worse. Besides, the update about Lindsey Lohan you’re reading? It’ll be there tomorrow.

6. Eat something. Just like dehydration can make your brain go all sorts of crazy, so can hunger. Sometimes all you need to cut off a headache before it starts is a meal.

7. Brainecotmy. I know I’ve mentioned this before on my blog, but sometimes the only way to get rid of an ongoing headache is to just get rid of the brain. Let’s face it, it can be a pain in the you-know-what. Forgetting things. Keeping you up at night when you just want it to shut up and go to bed. And now this: Pounding, pounding, pounding without end. So just get rid of it. I promise your headache will go away.

*I think this goes without saying, but I’m not a doctor. (Because if I were, I’d go around putting MD after my name so everyone knew I spent more money on school than they did.) So talk to one before you try any of my tips. Especially No. 7.

**You know I’m kidding, right? Cruelty to children is wrong, wrong, wrong. Which is why I don’t believe in SpongeBob.

Thanks, Tracey!

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