Raffle For The Cure (Day 2): Amazing Grass

Note: Locals have until midnight tonight to enter the first raffle for a three-month membership to any Gold’s Gym in the Capital District.

Since I received such a great response at last week’s Bake and Make Sale, I’ve decided to hold another fundraiser.

This one will be a little different. Three businesses have generously offered to donate their services/products as prizes for three raffles that I will hold this week. All of the money earned will go straight to the American Cancer Society via Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

That’s THREE giveaways in one week!!

Today’s raffle is open to US and Canadian residents, and there will be two winners!

To enter, you must buy a raffle ticket. Tickets are $5 and there is NO LIMIT to how many you can purchase. The more tickets you buy, the higher your chances of winning.

How To Purchase Tickets and Enter the Drawing:

  1. Visit my Making Strides Fundraiser Page, and donate. Remember: $5 gets you one ticket, $10 buys you two, $15 = three, and so on.
  2. Come back to this post and leave a comment for each ticket you’ve purchased. So, if you buy three tickets, leave three comments. (Please include the name you used to donate in your comment).

And, that’s it! That’s all you have to do to enter.

Today’s raffle will run until midnight EST on Friday, October 15. The winner will be selected using the random integer generator on Saturday morning. (Note: there may be a delay in announcing the winners due to my surgery on Friday)

OK- here’s today’s prize:

amazing grass

Two winners will receive a bottle sampling of EVERY Amazing Grass product!! (excluding tablets and capsules).

Seriously? How generous is that!?

If you’re not familiar with Amazing Grass, all I have to say is that it’s my absolute FAVORITE thing to add to a smoothie. And it’s good for you!! You can check out the Amazing Grass Website for more information.

If you’re interested in winning this raffle, head over to my Making Strides Page, and donate. Even if you don’t win, you’re still helping to raise money for a great cause!

If you’re a new reader and want to know why I am raising money for Breast Cancer research, you can read my story here, here, and here.

Please spread the word about this raffle! Earn a bonus entry If you mention it on Twitter, Facebook , or in a blog post. Just leave a comment to let me know you did so, and make sure to include @roseyrebecca in your tweet!

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