Update from Jeff

Hi everyone – Rebecca asked me to write an update for her after the surgery.  Everything went as planned – we arrived at the hospital just before 10am and got home a little after 4pm.  They took her in for surgery slightly later than expected, but everything was very smooth overall.  She even got a cool pair of no-slip hospital socks to take home (well… we took them home).

Currently, Rebecca is laying in bed, sleeping and recovering.  She handled going into surgery very well, and I’m sure that all of your support helped her stay calm.  Even at 11am, she was already planning out what she wanted for dinner tonight, and all she talked about on the way home was food – a good sign that she is feeling close to normal!

I’m sure that as soon as she feels up to it, she will have a better update for you all.  Thanks to everyone for thinking about her today.

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  1. First time here, thanks to Katy’s #fitblog twitter hash.

    I am thanking GOD as this all went well and hoping Rebecca’s recovery would be a fast one 🙂

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