This is What Happens…

This is what happens when you’re feeling restless a few days post-surgery:



I know what this looks like…

banana/maple syrup

I’m not crazy.

dark choc chips, coconut, walnuts

wrapped in foil

Jeff likes Eggo waffles. I like my waffle iron.


Close the freezer door.

freezer door

Stare at my magnets.

freezer door

This is what happens when your mom comes to visit a few days post-surgery…


She brings pIzza…


…and eggplant lasagna…

eggplant lasagna


and cider donuts…

cider donuts

…and dark chocolate…


…and squash…


Can’t forget about the squash.

This is what happens when Tina asks for your address so she can send you a get well present…

port a pug

Tina’s presents are always Murphy-themed


Tina, I love it!  You’re getting a gigantic hug the next time I see you! <3 

This is what happens when you do remember about the banana concoction in the freezer…

frozen banana

The end.

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  1. That banana looks delicious! And the cheesy pizza – yum!

    Somehow you fell out of my google reader, actually, a few Albany people did. As in, new posts weren’t showing in my reader. All is well now though. 🙂

    Hope you’re feeling better! I mean, cider donuts have to help, right??

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