Fall Guest Post Series: Patience With Weight Loss

Wow! It has been a crazy week! Hasn’t it? I appreciate your continued support throughout this whole ordeal.

After three days, I think I’m finally entering the acceptance phase. Yes, it sucks, but it’s happening, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I just have to wait, and wish for the best. My ultrasound is scheduled for January 3. I am going to follow many of your suggestions, and get a second opinion. I have to wait until I’m completely healed for that, though.

Until then, I don’t really want to talk about it on the blog anymore. This will be the last time I discuss it until I receive new information. I hope you understand. I want to keep this blog a positive place, not just for me, but for you, as well.

With that said, I’d like to introduce today’s guest poster, Katie. I wish I had read a post like this when I was trying to lose weight!

How to Have Patience with Weight Loss

Hi Rosey Rebecca readers! This is Katie from Keeping Up With Katie. I am here to talk about that little thing called weight loss. Weight loss—that coveted little devil that everyone says is as simple as diet and exercise. But, is it really that simple?


(Note from Rebecca: I love this picture, Katie)

In the last year and a half, I have successfully lost 50 pounds and maintained it through changing my eating habits and exercise (yeah..yeah..yeah…it really WAS NOT that simple). If you are anything like I was when I first started losing weight, you want quick results. You want people to notice after you have lost two pounds. You want your skinny jeans to fit after your first week of “dieting”. You want to get on the scale and see the numbers go down every time. If you are anything like the rest of the world, you will come to realize that these experiences will not happen quite as you anticipated. It can be wearisome to try to lose weight, especially if you aren’t seeing results as quickly as you hoped.

It took me one year and 2 months to lose fifty pounds. This meant that over the course of 60 weeks, I lost on average about .8 pounds per week. I am here to tell ya that you can lose .8 pounds after a trip to the bathroom!! This was extremely frustrating to me at first. I was not seeing quick results and was not dropping clothing sizes as fast as I wanted.

I was annoyed, I wanted to give up, and I was in tears sometimes that I just wasn’t doing enough. I was mad at my body, mad at myself, and most of all I didn’t appreciate the success that was happening within.

I have some important advice for all of you who are wishing to lose weight and questioning if what you are doing is even worth it:

  • Be patient with your body. Weight loss will not happen overnight. After all, you did not gain the weight overnight, how can you expect to lose it that quick? Your body has to adapt to the changes you are making. Be kind to your body and build it up with positive thoughts.
  • Slow weight loss=successful weight loss. What? You expected the laxative diet to be a successful way of losing and maintaining your weight loss!? A slow and steady weight loss will result in a sustained weight loss. This is because you are learning to change and adapt to this new lifestyle. It is so important to realize that weight loss equates with a lifestyle change. If you simply change your eating habits for a certain amount of time, you will not learn how to maintain your weight when you return to your old habits.
  • Take pride in non-scale victories. Did you just run ½ a mile for the first time? Did you just choose grapes for dessert instead of ice cream (though you can certainly still have ice cream!)? These small non-scale triumphs will help take your mind off obsessing over scale results. This will also help you realize that the scale is only a small indicator of your new healthy habits and you will come to appreciate the process of changing your lifestyle.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. I started Weight Watchers with my roommate who lost her weight much quicker than I. It was hard to not compare myself to her and be jealous. Jealousy breeds doubt and doubt breeds failure. It was only after I started re-focusing on myself that the weight started to come off. This is your body and your own journey so take control of it!

I hope that this helps calm some inner demons that are haunting your weight loss journey. It can be discouraging when the scale doesn’t reflect your hard work. Be patient, in time your results will show. In the meantime, enjoy the process. You are each day choosing to be a better person by choosing healthful habits. If you change your perception of weight loss to one of positivity, the numbers on the scale will have little to do with how you feel!

Thanks, Katie!

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  1. Rebecca – I’ve just caught up on your recent posts. You are in my prayers; please take good care of yourself.

    Katie – huge, enormous congratulations on your success! You make some really excellent points. I swear that Biggest Loser is making things harder – seeing those people ditch a pound a day makes you feel so inadequate. I really need to figure out some kind of low-cost, non-food reward system to keep me motivated.

  2. Thanks so much for this post. I’m not gonna name names, but some Crazy Fabulous Blogger was bummed out and weepy last night because she’s not losing weight “fast enough”. So yeah, this post couldn’t have came at a better time for me.

    Thank you <3

  3. Katie – congratulations on your success and determination! You are an inspiration!
    I really enjoyed your post, and I have to second all of your points on the list, there is definitely major value in recognizing that slow weight loss is a good thing! (Its so tough to be patient sometimes!)
    I wrote a similar guest post a while back which highlights some similar points http://www.anonymousfatgirl.com/index.php/2010/07/31/ if they’ve worked for us, than I’m sure they can help others out too!

    Congrats again on your sucess!
    PS – I have to second Rebecca, I love that photo!

  4. So i’ve had this post up on my browser since you posted it. However, i haven’t had the time to sit down and think about it and read it until today. Such an amazing topic and definitely what i needed to hear! Whenever we don’t see the results we want, we get aggravated and want to give up. But like katie said, we didn’t gain the weight overnight, so we’re definitely not gonna lose the weight overnight!

  5. This is an awesome post! It is such an accurate depiction of weight loss and how we think about it. Its almost like if someone didn’t write it we could go on thinking that weight loss can be easy although in reality if it was so easy the amount of overweight people wouldn’t continue to rise. Reading your words remind me and motivate me to continue on with my weight loss path! Keep up the good work!

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