One Month From Today…

I will graduate from college with a B.A. in journalism and English.

One month from today, I will celebrate the completion of four semesters at SUNY Albany.

One month from today, Jeff and I will attend the same graduation ceremony, and graduate together.

To say that I’m excited is an understatement. To say that I have no idea what I’m doing after graduation is even more of an understatement.

What I do know is that I have one month to complete all of my class assignments. My last day of classes is technically December 8, and most of my final assignments aren’t due until the 14.

The other day, I wrote myself a pep talk in my notebook. It went something like this:

You do not want to be stressing about school after graduation. This is not that much work at all. You have been in this place before. You have gotten through past semesters. You know that by the middle of December, this will all be in the past.

This is not hard. Just do it. No excuses. You are almost there. You are almost done. You’ve worked hard for this. Just push a little more. You can do this.

Your class assignments are temporary. Graduation is forever.

I’ve been in college since September 2005. I’ve gotten through many semesters, and have learned that stressing out about school work is useless. It will all get done, and this last semester of my college career will be in the past before I know it.

So, dear blog friends, what I’m trying to say is that I am going to work really hard this month to get ALL of my school work done before December 5. I purposely signed up for a December 1 presentation date in one of my classes even though the assignment isn’t due until December 14. On December 5, I don’t want to have to worry about completing any more assignments. I just want to be done.

That said, my posting schedule may be a little off this month. My Fall Guest Post Series is still going strong, and I’m going to try really hard to post as much as I can. I’m still receiving independent study credit for my blog, so I technically have to keep posting (and, I want to!!). I’ve said in the past that I’m not going to apologize for not posting. I still feel that way. As much as my posts are for you, they are for me as well.

I will continue to post about things that I find interesting, like bagel sandwiches, and blogger meet-ups. Please know that I love blogging, and I’m not trying to neglect it. I just need to focus on graduating right now.

With that said, I’d like you to focus on the feta omelet I made this morning:

Feta Omelet

Isn’t it beautiful?


I knew I needed this omelet for breakfast after Jeff made one last night.


I knew that to fully understand and appreciate the beauty of this omelet, you would need to see a full shot of it from above…

I used two eggs, a splash of skim milk, and a tablespoon of feta. And that’s it. Beauty on a plate, if you ask me.


A buttered piece of toast on the side made the meal. I’m sorry, nothing beats real butter. I’m not actually sorry at all.

Tell me:

…About your college/high school graduation.

…About your favorite omelet filling.

…Your thoughts on real butter.

…What you’re doing this weekend.

Have a great Friday <3

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  1. I’m excited for you! Congratulations!

    …About your college/high school graduation: Too long ago to mention 😉

    …About your favorite omelet filling: No omelets for me (vegan) but I love scrambled tofu!

    …Your thoughts on real butter: No thanks!

    …What you’re doing this weekend: Writing a paper, prepping a lecture and cooking!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Focus on school~that is most important!

    College Graduation~I took a pass and my parents and I went to our home in Ireland.

    Favorite Omlette Filling~shallots, mushrooms and cheese/s of your choice.

    Real butter~Love it!

    Weekend plans~Farmers Market, Farm Stand, Breeders Cup, cooking and reading.

  3. Thanks, I really needed to hear this! I’m in my first semester of uni and things are starting to pile up.

    I can’t tell you about graduation because it’s not for 4 years; I rarely eat omelettes but I guess I’d go for something simple like ham and cheese; I have no opinion on butter, real or otherwise; this weekend will be pretty average, except I’ll be doing my first shift volunteering for a student-run overnight listening phoneline service. Eek!

  4. that is VERY exciting that you will both have a degree in a month!!

    college graduation – I didn’t walk ! I was so happy to be done and I was leaving for an important trip – so I missed walking in ceremony. I had a great college career, and going through a ceremony was not at the top of my list at that time… I was already well into living my life, and pursuing all that excitement! 😀 (I participated in my high school graduation… it was fine!)

    my butter is Earth Balance. 😀

  5. wow! so much to look forward to. i’m so so excited for you, rebecca.

    i, too, will finally be graduating this december– can’t believe it but i couldnt be more anxious and excited

  6. You should be excited! My college graduation “week” (including all of the graduation events for seniors) was amazing. It felt like a dream. All the work was over, and it was time to just enjoy being with friends and family. I couldn’t stop smiling my graduation day – my whole family was there and they were so proud, it was really special.
    Make sure you take the time to enjoy yours! Good luck with the last bit of work – you can do it 🙂

  7. Oooh I’m all about real butter; NEVER accept a substitution. Everything in moderation. Your omelet looks heavenly! Simple and decadent- let the eggs speak for themselves. Mine never turn out so well. CM

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