On Books and Breakfast

For the majority of my life, my mother has worked behind the circulation desk of my hometown’s library.

Library Books

Although she never obtained a degree in library science, my mother knows her library, and the people who frequent it inside and out.

At any giving time, my mother is reading three books at once. A large, woven basket sits next to the couch on her living floor, and is always overflowing with fiction and non-fiction. (Aside: I spilled a cup of coffee in that basket once. I then proceeded to wipe each book clean)

I spent four of my teenage years working at the library. I can return books to shelves with my eyes closed, and apply jacket covers faster than anyone I know. Growing up in a library is one of the main reasons I pursued a degree in journalism and English. I’m also sure it played a part in my older brother becoming an English teacher.

Yesterday, I spent an hour at my local library. I could have spent longer, but I figured nine books was enough to check out for the day.

Ironically, I had just purchased a book from Barnes & Noble the night before:


I’ve wanted to read this book for a year now, and decided to just go ahead and buy it. I’m only about 20 pages in, and I already love it.

A book in the library pile, The Happiness Project, was recommended to me by a friend. I plan to start reading it after I’m done with the other one. I’m not my mother; I can’t read three books at once.

I’m not quite sure why I need 57 books on resume-writing. I think I just took all of them because I could. I think the one called Amazing Resumes is going to be my best bet. The greatest thing about that stack of books is that they’re all mine until February 12. All mine. I love libraries.

Before I moved into the library yesterday afternoon, I met up with Mareesa and Alicia for brunch at the best place ever.


Beverly’s never fails me.  Right before we met yesterday morning, I sent Alicia the following text message:

I can’t wait to shove everything in my mouth.

If for some reason I have not convinced you of how amazing Beverly’s is in previous posts, please direct your attention to this photo:


That, my friends, is grilled sourdough bread topped with poached eggs, spinach, and avocado. This special is usually served with sprouts, and black bean hollandaise (which is what you see on the side), but I’m lame and decided not to consume either. Still amazing. And those home fries? I had been waiting all week for those. I’m not kidding.

Jeff and I love diner breakfasts, and I, admittedly, am addicted to home fries. So, I’ve decided that instead of getting home fries every time I order breakfast at a diner, I will only get them on occasion. That way, they’re more special and delicious when I do decide to indulge in them.

Believe me when I tell you: Beverly’s home fries were worth holding out for. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and say that they’re the best home fries I’ve ever had. That’s saying a lot for a self-proclaimed home-fry expert.

Warning: I have and will continue to rave about Beverly’s until you travel from wherever it is that you live in this world to go there. That’s a promise.

Side note: Beverly’s does serve lunch and dinner. I just don’t think I could ever bring myself to order anything aside from breakfast. When we sat down yesterday morning, I suggested that we eat breakfast, walk around for a bit, and then come back for lunch.

Mareesa and Alicia laughed. I was serious.

Tell me where you’re from, and the best breakfast place in your town.

What are you reading right now?

Have a great Sunday! <3

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  1. looks like you’ve got a ton of good reads! i just finished the hotel at the corner of bitter and sweet and thought it was a really cute story. next up, i’m returning to trusty non-fiction: lit by mary karr…it’s been on my to read list for awhile now.

  2. I’ve just started reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I had put it off because there was so much hype about it, but it was highly recommended to me so I’ve decided to give it a try. While I like to try and have a few books at a time that I’m reading I never seem to be able to do that. I get too caught up in one and ignore the other. So now I just focus on one.

    I’ve never been to Beverly’s, but I’ll definitely have to try it after how much you talk about it! I have lots of favorites for lunch and dinner, but not so much for breakfast. The only place that comes to mind is Ginny Rae’s Diner. It’ in Hudson Falls, and has fabulous fried dough that you can get with cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar, and they also have excellent omelets.

  3. I haven’t been to Beverly’s in about a bajillion years. Can you get breakfast there at non-breakfast times? I’m always looking for places where I can order breakfast at 2 p.m. Also, I really hope you ate some of the home fries before you took the pic, ’cause that looks like a woefully small pile.

  4. My mom is a librarian too! And is also simultaneously buried in several books at any given moment. I’m actually not reading anything at the current moment (besides school books) but I should change that.

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