Will Clean For Wine

My Pandora station is playing awesome songs tonight:


(You know you have a Lady Gaga station, too. Don’t try to hide it)

Sometimes it’s hit or miss for me with Pandora, but tonight I’ve loved almost every song that’s come on.

I needed good music tonight, too, because a few hours ago I randomly decided to clean every surface in my kitchen, including my floor:


Don’t ask. 

Now everything is squeaky clean! 


Kitchen Kitchen

My mother will be proud.

Actually, she’s probably reading this, wondering why I never cleaned anything when I lived at home. Don’t worry, Mom, the rest of my apartment is still a mess.

A clean kitchen called for a glass of wine:


I also worked up an appetite scrubbing the floor.

Enter the easiest dinner ever:


You’re starring at a salad made up of spring mix, carrots, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, walnuts, feta, and this lovely topping:

Roasted Baba Ghannouj

I also had half of a sweet potato on the side.


I topped it with cinnamon and honey. It was a lazy, delicious dinner. 

This morning, I set out on a journey to recycle a million plastic bags. You think I’m exaggerating. I’m not. There were so many plastic bags in the bin under my kitchen sink that they were overflowing and trying to eat everything else in the cabinet. It was ridiculous. I had to stop it.

There’s absolutely no reason to keep that many plastic bags. I don’t really know how they all got under there, but I’m going to blame Jeff because it’s easy.

So, as I was saying, I set out to recycle. And somehow, between recycling and buying bananas at the grocery store, this happened:


Don’t ask me how, because I’m not entirely sure. The last thing I remember I was walking through the grocery store, craving honey walnut cream cheese, and then BAM, I was in Uncommon Grounds eating a honey wheat bagel and sipping macadamia cream-flavored coffee.

Uncommon Grounds

It really couldn’t be helped, you know? I don’t even like cream cheese that much. But it sure hit the spot!


I asked for half a schmear of cream cheese, and since the girl who helped me knows me as a regular customer, she didn’t think I was crazy, like others have in the past.

After devouring my bagel, I drove home and completed No More Trouble Zones before cleaning every inch of my kitchen.

And because no night is complete without dessert, I had a few pieces of Lindt 90% dark chocolate after dinner:

Dark Chocolate

I’m off to participate in my first #fitblog chat in months! The lovely Morgan is moderating. Maybe she can tell me how I got to Uncommon Grounds this afternoon.

Are you a clean freak?

Do you ever crave foods that you don’t really like?

Have a great night! <3

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  1. Yep, occasionally I will crave a food that I don’t really like – I always think it is my bodies way of saying I need something in that food because perhaps I am short on a certain nutrient.

    I love to wipe and scrub … I just hate de-cluttering and hanging up my clothes 🙂

  2. I listen to Pandora constantly! I don’t have a Lady GaGa station (I don’t have a regular radio at all, even in my car, so I’m never exposed to current music and therefore never hopped on the Lady GaGa train), but one of my favorite stations is Missy Elliot. When I need some energy to power through something, that’s my go to station!

  3. i agree – cleaning and wine go hand in hand. A LOVE the Counting Crows Pandora station. Other favorites: “All For You” Sisiter Hazel station – which basically plays a lot of really good mid/late 90s guy bands such as googoo dolls, bluestraveler, sister hazel (duh), etc.

    Also, Sare Bareilles Station. Or Bethany Dillon. Or Shawn McDonald. Or, of course, Dave Matthews.

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