Oats, Coupons, and Sports Bras

Do you ever have those nights where you can’t wait to go to sleep so you can wake up and have this:


Oatmeal and coffee were the last things on my mind as I drifted to sleep last night. And they were the first things on my mind when I woke up this morning.

Oats seemed like an even better idea when I realized that I had an overly ripe banana, and an almost empty PB jar in my kitchen.

Empty PB Jar

Oh, oats in a jar, you never fail me. 

I finished breakfast off with my new multivitamin:

Alive Multivitamin

I just started taking it this week. So far so good.


What are your thoughts on multivitamins? Do you take them? Anybody take this one? 

I thought today would be a rest day, but I had an itch to get some cardio in this morning. I headed to the gym after breakfast, and spent an hour on the crossramp elliptical, watching Say Yes to the Dress. That show makes me cry sometimes. I’m such a dork.

Before the gym, I stopped by the cafe where I work to check my schedule for next week. While I was there, I noticed that one of my awesome co-workers made vegan carrot-ginger muffins. I knew it would make a great post-workout snack, so I grabbed one to eat after the gym.

I cut the muffin in half and put it straight on the oven rack under the broiler for two minutes. I topped it with a bit of melty butter (not vegan!)


I ate my muffin with a glass of a new (to me) protein drink called CalNaturale Svelte in French Vanilla:

CalNaturale Svelte

(Stay tuned for a more in depth review, and a possible giveaway of CalNaturale Svelte later this week!)

It was a delicious post-gym snack!

As I was checking my e-mail this morning, I noticed this gem of a coupon in my inbox:


Seriously? $50 off a purchase of $100 or more at New York & Company? Sign me up!

With a stomach full of carrot-ginger and french vanilla, I headed to the mall to do a bit of shopping.


The best thing about the coupon is that everything at NY&Co was buy one get the second half off!

I walked away with five shirts for $55! (One is just a plain white tank to wear under the button-ups, so I didn’t take a picture)


Aren’t they cute!?


I am very pleased with my purchases. After I spent an hour trying on clothes, I headed to Starbucks to place the most ridiculous order ever:


A tall, 1/2 caf, two shot, soy cappuccino. It was necessary.

Then, I wandered into Fossil, where I talked myself out of buying a $40 wallet.

Finally, I ended up in Dick’s Sporting Goods, where I was determined to use the rest of my gift card, and a 20% off coupon that I received in the mail earlier this week.

Great success:

workout clothes

With my gift card and the coupon discount, I only paid $20 out of pocket for the pants and sports bra. Nice!

I was in desperate need of a new sports bra:

Sports bra

I’m not sure if I ever mentioned that I spent a couple months of 2010 working at a running store that specializes in sports bra-fittings.

Here are a few things I learned about choosing the right size:

  • The bra should be snug. Not loose, and not too tight.
  • You should be able to fit your pointer and middle finger underneath the band on the bottom, and under the straps. If you can’t, it’s too tight. If you can fit more than those two fingers, it’s too loose.
  • If the bra hikes up in the back, it’s too big. It should be even all the way around, and straight across in the back.
  • Straps should not slide off or dig into your shoulders.
  • If you’re spilling out in the front, it’s too tight.
  • Compression bras (the one you see above) are only good if you have (ahem) small breasts. If you’re a C cup or above, your best bet is an encapsulation bra which has separate cups, like a regular bra.
  • When you’re trying on the bra in the fitting room, jump around or run in place like you would at the gym or while running. If you’re bouncing too much, the bra is not the right fit. The point of a sports bra is to limit movement.

Note: The one above is the perfect fit for me. I already knew my size from working at the store. A lot of running stores do sports bra fittings. It’s definitely worth checking out if you need a new bra. Having a properly fitting sports bra is just as important as having properly fitting running shoes. Don’t forget that!

By the time I left the mall, I was starving. Enter an Eggplant Parm sub from a local pizza shop:

eggplant parm

The sub was HUGE, so I split it in half and saved the rest for tomorrow. I was pleasantly surprised by this sub. I was really craving eggplant parm for some reason, and decided to splurge. However, what could have been a really unhealthy sandwich turned out to not be so bad.

The place I got it from used a whole wheat roll, and didn’t bread or fry the eggplant. In addition, the amount cheese was not overwhelming (though, I did end up scraping a lot off because it was too much for me). I’m not in any way saying that this will be an everyday indulgence, but it’s what I was craving tonight, and I decided to just give in. 🙂

I mean, come on, look at that! You know you want it!

I’m off to watch Criminal Minds!

It’s not snowing here yet. I’m secretly hoping to be snowed-in all day tomorrow. Guess it’s not much of a secret anymore

Have a great Thursday! <3

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  1. Been debating getting a sports bra — I’ve never owned one. But do I really need one? I’m not sure. I did buy a sports-tank with built-in bra, which made me very smooshed. Then again, I’m a C cup, so maybe that sort of thing isn’t what I should use.

        1. KB,

          I learned that it’s more than just a comfort thing, and not wearing one can be bad in the long-term. Look at it this way: you wear a bra on a regular basis, right? Why wouldn’t you wear one while working out? You’re moving around more than you would while you’re just wearing a regular bra during the day.

          Sports bras are meant to limit movement in the chest area as much as possible. You need support there just like you do any other time of the day.

          Hope this helps!

          1. KB,

            A sports bra is more snug. It restricts movement a lot more than a regular bra. It covers your whole chest, as opposed to each separate breast. Plus, most sports bras are made with moisture-wicking material, and are more comfortable when your body starts to warm up.

  2. I take those same multivitamins! I bought them because i thought the name was so funny — “Alive!” — you know, as opposed to “Dead!”

  3. oh my gosh that sub looks AH-MAZING!

    i desperately need new sports bras, but i never think to take the time out of my day to go shop for them. … not that i’m doing anything much more exciting with my day hah

  4. That purple shirt is so cute! I started taking a prenatal vitamin because I wanted to take a multi-vitamin and I want to have a baby in the next couple of years, but it was too much iron (um, I won’t divulge how I figured it out), so I stopped taking it and haven’t taken the time to look for a new one. I’m not sure how I feel about multi-vitamins (your body can only absorb a bit at a time, so I don’t know if I believe it does a ton of good for you) but I feel like it can’t hurt.

  5. The thought of not wearing a sports bra on a run freaks me out and I am a b cup. I forgot my sports bra a few weeks ago and wore a reg one on a run and it was awful. Then I did a 10 miler with a cheap cotton one and got chafed around the band area and scabs are still there 2 weeks later. Lesson: duo dry and right fit matters. Also I wore a new scratchy one a week later and got another cut from it. After this only duo dry right fitting non scratching sports bras for me. Scabby boobs are not sexy.

  6. DuoDry is so important when it comes to sports bras, workout pants, tops… duodry makes alllll the difference in the world! I can’t even fast walk without needing a sports bra…. i couldn’t possibly imagine running without one!

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