Hello, Beautiful! (CalNaturale Svelte Giveaway)

CalNaturale Svelte

About a week ago, I received an invitation from Julie of CalNaturale to sample and learn more about a relatively new all-natural protein shake called Svelte.


After checking out the CalNaturale Website, I was excited to accept the invitation. I found a package on my doorstep just two days later.

Svelte Svelte

I love the packaging. It’s so cute!

What I really love about these protein drinks is the ingredient list:


The first ingredient is soy milk, and they are sweetened with stevia! Plus, they’re vegan!

I tried the French Vanilla flavor first:

Vanilla Svelte

It reminded me of a vanilla milkshake. So good!

Technically, the whole package counts as one serving, but I found that drinking half was perfect for me. It filled my right up!  

I tried the Spiced Chai flavor after my workout on Tuesday.


At first I thought it was a little too sweet, but after mixing it around a bit, it really grew on me. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that this drink tastes exactly like iced chai from a coffee shop. I should know; I work at one! I was really (pleasantly) surprised at how similar the taste was.

Again, I only drank half, but it was great as a post-workout snack.

Next up was the Cappuccino flavor—my favorite so far!


It reminded me of blended coffee drink. The flavor was really strong and delicious. I drank half as a snack at around 3:00 this afternoon, and combined with the apple, I was full until dinnertime.

I say that the cappuccino flavor is my favorite, but I have yet to try the Chocolate. I have high expectations.

These drinks are definitely new favorites of mine, and I want you to love them, too!


The kind people at CalNaturale are offering ONE lucky reader a 12-pack variety case of Svelte. In addition, TWO runners-up will each receive a four-pack of Svelte, like the one I received above.


Leave a comment on this post, and tell me WHY you want to try Svelte, and WHICH FLAVOR sounds most intriguing to you. 


***Please leave a separate comment for each additional entry***

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That’s FOUR extra ways to enter!


  1. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only
  2. You have until midnight EST on Thursday, February 3 to enter
  3. I will select and announce the winners on Friday (Feb. 4)  via the Random Integer Generator. The winners will have until midnight EST on Sunday, February 6 to claim their prizes. If a winner does not reply by then, I will choose a new winner on Monday, February 7.

Good Luck! <3

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  1. Oh my goodness, I’m so glad to see these being discovered! I pick up some of the vanilla ones whenever I can afford to stop by Wholefoods and I’m absolutely in love with them! They are sooo delicious, fresh, and I love that such a high protein drink has so much fiber! That’s a major plus for me. Unfortunately, I’ve only been able to find the Vanilla ones. I’d love to try the chocolate or coffee ones too!

  2. Oh man I’d love to try the spiced chai! I LOVEEE Chai so PROTEIN plus Chai.
    Anyway thanks for the opportunity Becca!

  3. My husband and I are in the process of changing our diets in hopes to give his little sister some guidance and hope that a new diet can be fun! She has cancer for the 3rd time (and she’s only 14) and we’re hoping and praying that a healthy diet, especially one that’s high in protein and fiber from natural ingredients and low in sugar will be the key to help her recovery this time. 😀 Those protein shakes look delicious and just the treat for Rachel. Thank you for the giveaway! 😀

    1. This story is incredible, Caroline! I just spoke to Julie at CalNaturale, and she’s agreed to send you a sample pack for your sister-in-law. Please e-mail your info to rebecca [at] roseyrebecca [dot] com. You’re still entered in the giveaway. I just want to make sure Rachel gets to try Svelte no matter what!

  4. I was just about to comment with my entry to the giveaway and then I read the comments about me… I know you have to choose “randomly” but I vote that Caroline@Chocolate and Carrots wins, her story tugged at my heartstrings!

  5. OOH, I wanna play!!

    So, I recently got into drinking protein shakes post-workout (I’ve done it in the past but now I do this daily and religiously). As of right now I’m working on a jug of Gold Standard 100% whey protein but I found that its sort of *ahem* clogging up the works. So I started adding fiber powder to the mix, and while it fixed my ‘problem’, it’s disgusting and I hate choking it down after every workout. So I’m always on the lookout for a protein shake or powder that provides both fiber AND protein.

    *end book*


  6. Those look yummy. I would like to try Svelte because I already have Silk, and I’d like to find alternatives that are possibly made from better ingredients, and i love the single serving packaging. 🙂 The chocolate one and cappuccino ones are calling my name.

  7. I am always looking for a meal replacement with out artificial ingredients. I love the names and the flavors. It would help me have breakfast in the morning when I don’t have a lot of time

  8. I want to try these! they look delicious – and since I’ve been eating more and more vegetables and less an less meat, I’m always looking for ways to get more protein in my life!

  9. I want to try Svelte because I work at a coffee shop and I’m always looking to broaden my horizons in the coffee realm 😛 That being said, I would love to try the spiced chai.

  10. I want to try Svelte because they’re vegan and can fulfill my protein intake! I can’t choose between cappuccino and chocolate!

  11. Hi, I’d love to try the chocolate flavor. I’d like to win because I’ve been keeping track of my diet lately and I often don’t get enough protein. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  12. These little guys look so tasty! I so want to try the French Vanilla flavor. I am on the go a lot with my job, so grabbing one and heading out the door would be ideal!

  13. I’ve been looking for quick, healthy meal replacements due to my new, insane work schedule and these look like they might be a nice breakfast stand-in. I’d love to try the chai flavor… I wonder if pouring it over ice would cut the sweetness a bit?

  14. My newly-vegan husband is looking for ways to ensure he gets enough protein. This would help. The spiced chai sounds wonderful.

  15. I’d like to try them, they look delicious and I always need a convenient snack for when I’m on the go. The cappuccino flavor would be my first pick!

  16. I’m pregnant with baby #3 and am always looking for ways to get extra protein – and for things that I can grab on the fly! I would love to try them all – but cappuccino sounds the yummiest to me!

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