A Lesson in Getting What You Want

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Want to know the secret to waking up for a 5:45 spin class?


Set your coffee machine up the night before.

At 5:00 on Friday morning, I received a text from my friend, Jess, informing me that she was “chugging coffee, and getting ready to leave.”

I was still in bed, contemplating calling the whole thing off.

The night before, Jess and I had challenged each other to a 5:45 a.m. spin class, followed by a 6:30 pilates class. It seemed like a good idea at the time, as most things like that do before you actually have to do them.

However, as I lay in bed, under my nice, warm comforter Friday morning, I couldn’t see the appeal of the situation. This is just crazy, I thought.

Then, I hopped out of bed, and got over it. I’m really glad I did, too, because there’s nothing better than being done with a workout by 7 a.m. Nothing. Better.

Except maybe this:

Banana Oats

Dear Banana Oats,

Thank you for being the best breakfast ever. 

Love, Rebecca

English Muffin

Dear English Muffin,

Thank you for being there when my banana oats didn’t keep me full after a morning of spinning and pilates classes.

Love, Rebecca

OK- this is getting ridiculous. Let’s move on to more important things.

Like this cup:


You’re probably asking yourself, what is so important about that cup?

Well, nothing. Nothing at all. In fact, this cup is so unimportant that I shouldn’t even have it in my possession. But, I do, and I want to tell you why, because the story is just too ridiculous not to. 

I found the cup you see above while walking around Macy’s on Thursday afternoon. It was sitting on a table along with plates, bowls, and serving trays with the same design. It was the only one of its kind on the table, and it didn’t have a price tag on it.

This is a cool cup,  I thought to myself. I thought about putting iced coffee in it in the mornings, and bringing it with me to coffee shops in the spring and summer. It was even dishwasher safe. Score! I thought. So I brought it up to the register to inquire about the price.

I don’t think we sell this,”  the tall Macy’s salesman said, as he looked it up in the computer. “No, sorry, we don’t sell this,” he said, handing the cup back to me.

“OK,” I said, and stood there for a second, “I’ll put it back.”

Confused, but not too affected, I walked back over to the table. It didn’t make sense. The cup was part of the same collection displayed on the table. It wasn’t a display cup, because it had tags on it to be sold. Suddenly, the feeling of wanting what I knew couldn’t have set in. In that moment I knew that I wasn’t leaving Macy’s without that cup.

I started to argue with myself. You don’t really need it, and there are probably hundreds more like it, I tried to persuade myself. But, no, I needed this cup. I mean, what was I going to drink my iced coffee in without it? What did I ever do before it? There was no talking myself out of it at that point. So, I walked back up to the counter to try again.

“Look, you HAVE to sell me this cup”, I yelled. OK, that didn’t really happen, but I did kindly explain my confusion to the same salesman, as I led him over to the table to show him that I wasn’t crazy. (He definitely thought I was crazy, by the way. I was making a fuss about a plastic cup that I didn’t even need. I don’t blame him).

“You can probably just take it,” he told me, looking in both directions to assure that none of his coworkers were around.

“NO, no, no,” I said. I was not stealing a plastic cup from Macy’s. That was completely out of the question. I’d never stolen anything in my life, except for maybe one time when a fork fell into my purse at a diner by accident, and I didn’t realize it until several days later. (Can you imagine finding a fork in your purse?) “Is there anyone else you can ask?” I asked.

He looked around for another salesman. Finally spotting one,we marched over to him with intention. “I NEED THIS CUP,” I screamed.

Also, that didn’t really happen. Just a quick lesson in getting what you want: be very, VERY nice. Never snap or yell at the person you’re trying to get something from. They won’t give it to you.

Eventually the two salesmen decided to ring up something similar to the cup, and charge me that price. They also applied a 10% off coupon, and then an additional 15% off coupon.

As they were doing this, I said, “Well, I don’t really know if I want the cup. I need to know how much it is first.” 

Seriously, Rebecca? Suddenly, after everything I went through to ensure that I left with that cup, I was questioning myself. I don’t really need this cup, I thought. In fact, I don’t even know if I want the cup at all.

They both stared at me. There was no turning back. I knew I needed to buy the cup after everything I put them through. (Even though it was a 7 p.m. on a Thursday, and this was probably the most excitement they’d experience all night).

“It’s $8.99”, the tall one said.

I pulled out my wallet, handed over the cash, and thanked him profusely.

"Well, it’s a nice cup,” he said, “I could see you weren’t leaving without it.”

I smiled, and mumbled something about it being the most important cup on the planet, then walked away. As I made my way out of Macy’s, I thought, What if the straw sucks? Too late now. I couldn’t even return it if I wanted to since the receipt said I had purchased something completely different. I was stuck with the cup.

In conclusion, Thursday’s to-do list actually looked like this:

to do list And, check!

Are you good at getting what you want? Talking people into things? Tell me a story about it!

Have a great Sunday! <3

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