I’m Slightly Obsessed With…


Magazines. I love em. The glossy pages, the little blurbs of information, the bright colors. I can’t get enough. Yet, I’m only subscribed to Shape magazine at the moment. Magazines I’d like to be subscribed to:

  • Women’s Health
  • Self
  • Cosmo
  • Glamour
  • Health

I spend wayyy too much money on magazines each month.

I’m slightly obsessed with…


Eggs and Avocado. It’s a beautiful combination, and if you’ve never tried it, I suggest doing so right now. Unless, of course, you’re vegan. Then, you can just eat spoonfuls of avocado right from the peel, which is something I do on a regular basis. 🙂

That beautiful sandwich you see above is comprised of two scrambled eggs, a slice of swiss cheese, and half an avocado. I ate it for lunch after the gym yesterday. Heaven on a plate.

I’m slightly obsessed with…


Mexican food. Last night, Jeff and I went on a date to Pancho’s, a local Mexican restaurant which serves inexpensive, delicious food.

There, I ate my weight in chips and salsa…


…and ordered a vegetarian combo that came with a bean burrito, a cheese enchilada, and a bean chalupa. The waitress didn’t think I was too crazy when I asked to go light on the cheese. The chips filled me up, so I was only able to eat the burrito, less than half of the enchilada, and the toppings from the chalupa. I left the restaurant on the verge of a food coma.

I’m slightly obsessed with…


Gelato. It definitely tops ice cream for me. It’s so creamy and flavorful. I managed to devour this dish after dinner last night. Don’t ask how.

After splurging on dinner last night, I was happy to let Jillian Michaels kick my butt this morning. Now, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my Saturday reading magazines.

Medical Update: Thanks to your encouraging comments in response to my March Confessions post the other day, I finally made an appointment with an OBGYN recommended to me by a close friend for the end of April. (It’s the earliest they can see me). Hopefully, I’ll have this whole thing sorted out and over with by the summer. If you’re new to my blog, and not sure what I’m talking about, check out my As You Read This series to catch up! 🙂

What is your favorite type of food to go out for?

What are you slightly obsessed with lately?

Have a great Saturday! <3

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  1. love the obsessions. I love magazines too, and when I get one in the mail, my heart races just a little bit:) haha. That sandwich sounds delicious! I don’t have any avocado in the house right now, or I’d make it this second!

  2. Glad you’re back to blogging, Rebecca.

    Just commenting to tell you that I love Panchos too! I haven’t been there in so long 🙂

    -Lindsay (from journalism)

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