Birthday Shenanigans

Thank you so much for all of the birthday comments, tweets, and e-mails yesterday! They really made my day!

I had a great birthday, complete with a morning spin class, a trip to Uncommon Grounds for lunch, and vegan cupcakes for dessert! There are still parts of my birthday weekend that I want to share with you, but I’ll just recap my actual birthday for now. 🙂

My day started with a spin class. Well, actually, my day started by looking out my window at this:


Snow! On the first full day of spring!? WHAT?!?!

I wasn’t about to let the weather stop me from working out, though. This e-mail wasn’t going to stop me either:


Psh. I don’t know about you, but I don’t see working out as a chore. I was actually excited to go to my spin class!

When I got home from the gym, Jeff offered to make me breakfast. He started by bringing me a hot cup of coffee with vanilla almond milk.



Then he prepared a feast!

Birthday Breakfast

You’re starring at scrambled eggs, a Morningstar Farms “sausage” patty, and a slice of whole wheat toast with grape jelly. Twas a delicious birthday breakfast!

After being lazy for a bit, Jeff and I headed out for lunch at Uncommon Grounds.

Uncommon Grounds

You had to have seen that coming. I mean, my birthday wouldn’t have been complete without a trip to my second home favorite cafe ever.

(For those who don’t know, I’m addicted to bagels)

Cinnamon Raisin Bagel

This was a cinnamon raisin bagel with a tiny bit of honey walnut cream cheese. I asked for extra honey. :-)   

Since it wasn’t that nice out, we decided to go to the mall after lunch. We stopped by the pet store, where we played with this beautiful boy for a while:


Isn’t he adorable? He was the oldest puppy in the shop. Pet stores make me really sad, but Jeff and I like to take the puppies out once in a while to play with them, and give them a break from being locked up in cages. When it comes time to get a dog of our own, we’ll definitely get one from a shelter. 

I was in the mood for Italian for dinner, so we stopped by the store for the necessary ingredients for a spaghetti and “meatball” dinner.

Meatless Meatballs

Spaghettie and Marinara

garlic bread

The “meatballs” were really easy to make:

meatless meatballs

And the sauce we picked out was delicious!


All together now:


After dinner, Jeff sang happy birthday to me:

Birthday Cupcakes

And since I couldn’t decide if I wanted the chocolate or strawberry cupcake…


I had both! 🙂 Genius, if you ask me!

All in all, it was a wonderful day! I love birthdays!

Now, I’m off to have dinner with a few lovely ladies!

Do you see working out as a chore?

Have a great night! <3

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  1. Happy birthday! It looks like you had a wonderful time, that’s awesome! Mine is creeping up on me (3 weeks!) and I haven’t even really thought about it yet. I should get on it!
    I see working out as a chore some days, but I know I’ll feel so good after I finish that I do it anyway (usually). Other days, I can’t wait to exercise! It just depends on my mood.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    I think the snow you are having is slowly creeping towards where I am (Rochester). :/

    The only time I think working out is a chore is when I have to pile on the snow gear to go out for my run. Bring on the warm weather!

    BTW, I LOVE your mug!

  3. looks like you had a wonderful birthday! I’m so bummed I had to miss out on those awesome vegan cupcakes on Friday night 🙁

    I’ll miss you around Albs! Hope you’re packing goes well this week 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday!!!

    I usually never look at working out as a chore. I love how I feel when I workout, swimming is my favorite thing to do, running is a great stress-reliever…there are a few times when I can tell I’m getting burned out. Then I need a few extra days of rest and I feel back at it!

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