The Ups and Downs of Moving

How is it Thursday already? I still feel like it’s Sunday. I’m kind of glad it’s not, though, because this is what my Sunday looked like:

Moving truck

It took us ALL DAY to move our stuff into the truck. We had planned to leave Albany at around 11:00, and didn’t end up leaving until 6:00 that night. Sheesh!

We finally made it to my parents’ house, safe and sound, at around 9:00. Thankfully, my two brothers, Adam and David, and Jeff’s brother, Tom, were there to help unload the truck, and it only took about 45 minutes. I am still completely baffled and at how quickly boxes and furniture came off the truck compared to how slowly they went on. Oh well, that’s moving, I guess!

I am slowly adjusting to my new apartment, even though it currently looks like this:

Living room

Storage room


Jeff and I have decided not to unpack everything since we’ll just be moving again in a few months. Thankfully, the apartment has two bedrooms, and I can use one for storage.

It’s weird, but kind of exciting to be back in my hometown again, and close to my family. I’ve been visiting all of my favorite places and catching up with old friends.

I’m in the process of trying to find a gym, and deciding if I really need a membership. The weather is getting nice (although it’s supposed to snow tomorrow. C’mon New York!), so I might just rely on outdoor workouts, like walking and running, and workout DVDs while I’m living here. I plan to check out a few yoga classes with my sister-in-law, Angela, too. Right now, I’m taking advantage of free trial memberships at the gyms I’m interested in joining.

Another thing I’m excited about is my proximity to NYC. I can hop on a train and be in the city in less than 40 minutes. And, of course, I have all of the great grocery chains nearby, like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. I spent two hours in Mrs. Greens a couple days ago. 

Speaking of food, my brother, David, and my sister-in-law, Angela, gave me the greatest birthday present:


A vegetarian cookbook with all of the ingredients to make one of the recipes. How awesome is that?! So thoughtful!

Mediterranean Veg. Hotpot

I went to their house last night (which is right up the street from me now!!!) to make the recipe with them. 


The recipe called for tons of vegetables plus rice, crushed tomatoes, white wine and vegetable broth. 


Since we only used a cup of white wine, I took it upon myself to make sure the rest of the bottle didn’t go to waste. 🙂


The dish came out so well!

Veggie dish

My brother said he almost didn’t miss the meat. Almost. I can’t wait to make more recipes from the book!

I’m off to unpack a few boxes. Sorry in advance if my posts are a bit sporadic for the next week. I plan to get on track with posting soon! Can’t wait to share my new town with you!

What do you love/hate about moving?

Have a great Thursday!! <3

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  1. I hate moving! My last move was over 11 years ago, from Chicago to New York and the only thing good about that moving process was that my husband’s company paid for the move. The movers came in and packed everything for us! Whew!

    Sounds like you might be very close to me if you’re a 40 min train ride to NYC — I’m going to email you…we should meet-up!

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