Betcha Didn’t Know (Part Two)

Sometimes, I carry watermelon in my purse…


…and by sometimes, I mean this morning, because living at home means my mom packs me snacks for work.

Don’t be jealous!

I met Cyndi Lauper. Here’s proof:

Cyndi Lauper

My awesome friend, Dana, won backstage passes to a show in 2008, and invited me along. The pink frame seemed all too appropriate.

Since I’ve been home, my mom has made more creative vegetarian recipes for me than I’ve made for myself in the past year and four months that I’ve been a vegetarian.

Pasta with Eggplant

You’re staring at whole wheat rigatoni with roasted eggplant, peppers, garlic, and ricotta cheese.


So, who’s coming over for dinner?  

I don’t like Indian food, but I am absolutely IN LOVE with these:

TJ's Veggie Masala burgers

Soft lighting, and iced coffee in a fancy-smancy beverage glass can make even the simplest of breakfasts look gourmet:



And, now, for a few picture-less confessions:

A couple weeks, I spent $26 on sun block from Sephora. (I had a gift card, so I actually only spent $1) I wear it every day.

My apartment is a mess.

I sing along, loudly, to the same Counting Crows songs over and over again when I’m alone in my car.

I don’t shower every day.

I spent more than an hour in Target yesterday. I went in for motor oil, and left with oats, facial cleansing wipes, and a new toothbrush. Completely. Normal.

If you’re interested, here’s Part one

Have a great Thursday! <3

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  1. Those TJ’s masala burgers are amazing, though I am in love with all things Indian.
    So sweet of your mom to pack you snacks and make delicious veg meals.

    And, of course, glad to see you bloggin’ again!

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