I’m Moving into Whole Foods

I’m the type of girl who can spend hours in a grocery store. Forget clothes shopping; food shopping is definitely my favorite.

So when my parents mentioned that they were going to Whole Paycheck Foods today, I jumped at the chance to tag along.

Almost fifty bucks later…

Whole Foods

OK- so the Skinny Girl Margarita isn’t from Whole Foods, but I got it today, too, and I’m excited about it. Has anyone tried it? I’ll let you know what I think when I do!

So here’s the list:

  • 5 Organic Sweet Peppers
  • 4 Organic Avocadoes
  • 2 Limes
  • 1 Red onion
  • 3 Organic golden delicious apples
  • Sliced Almonds
  • Walnut halves (bought in bulk)
  • Vanilla-almond granola (in bulk)
  • String Cheese
  • Creamy unsalted Peanut butter
  • Fage 0% (My love!)
  • Feta Cheese Crumbles
  • 12 Whole Wheat Mini Bagels
  • SPF 25 Lip Balm (Yesssss)
  • Tom’s All Natural Floss
  • Unpictured Tahitian Vanilla Gelato (eaten while shopping)

You would think that with a list that short, I’d be in and out in no time. Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I have this little problem where I need to stare at every single product in the store for unnecessarily long period of time. Luckily, my parents are the same way. We must have spent two hours shopping.

By the time we were done, we were hungry for dinner, so we stopped at one of our favorite restaurants on the way home: Cassie’s Coal Burning Brick Oven Pizza.

I wasn’t really in the mood for pizza (who am I?), so I ordered a salad instead:

Cassie's Menu

I went with Cassie’s Chopped Salad with honey balsamic dressing, instead of Italian:


I asked for the dressing on the side, and scooped a bunch of that feta off the top. I love feta, but that was wayyy too much for me. Cassie’s salads are always so delicious!

When the pizza came out, I decided it would be stupid to not have a piece. I mean, look at it!:


Try not to eat your computer screen, please.

When I got home, I put away all of my groceries, and then took them out again to take a picture. At first, I felt lazy, and seriously considered drawing a picture on paint instead. I decided that would take too long. Plus, it would have probably looked like this:

whole foods

And that’s just no good.

Dessert was a couple pieces of dark chocolate. In case you’re wondering (and I don’t know why you would be), I store all of my dark chocolate in the egg container in my fridge. Since I’ve moved home, I don’t actually buy eggs or bananas for myself anymore. I just steal them from my mom. 🙂

How long do you spend in grocery stores?

What’s your favorite part of food shopping?

Have a great Sunday! <3

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  1. The fact that you considered drawing a photo on paint (and then did draw a picture) made me laugh so hard! Haha!! I had some sort of low-cal margarita in a bottle once, I’m almost positive that it was Skinny Girl, but I hated it! I though it was gross. I’m wondering if it was actually SG, though, because I’ve heard other people say that it’s delicious so perhaps it was some other brand. I look forward to hearing what you think, if you like it maybe I’ll try it.

  2. Love the shopping tale! If you have a Whole Foods nearby, how about a Fresh Market? You will go goo-goo gaw-gaw there too. Fresh Market isn’t as up-scale as Whole Foods but they offer more reasonable choices. Though Fresh Market isn’t as nice as it used to be because people simply don’t do health.

    Ugh! Fresh Market dropped carob covered snacks for just chocolate. I can only find carob treats at our Hoover’s Essential Health Market. The dingo (dog) loves her carob treats!

    Thanks for sharing your shopping trip. And, I thought that I was the only one.

  3. Whole foods is a fantastic place! I haven’t tried the skinny girl margarita before, but have always been interested in it! Please give an update on it once you try it:)

  4. Ha, I was visiting my sister in Philly this weekend, and she asked me if it’d be okay if we went to Whole Foods. I was like, when is it never NOT okay to go to a grocery store, esp. WF?!

    Let me know how the Skinnygirl is – I really want to try it (if you think it’s good)!

  5. holy feta! that salad looks yum. and your picture is gorgeous. i say you draw your groceries all the time. 🙂 don’t label it, and give a prize to people who can identify them haha

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