July Confessions

I haven’t used my camera in two weeks. In fact, I just found my camera this morning.

My 97 Toyota is on the verge of exploding, but somehow I’m OK with that.

In one week, I’ll be at the beach with Jeff. (I won’t be blogging until I get back, so if you want to guest post, let me know* by this weekend!)

Last Monday, I learned that my nephew, Nicholas, had been keeping a BIG secret:


In January, I’ll have another niece or nephew! Congratulations to my brother, Adam, and sister-in-law, Sarah!

Nicholas and Me

I’m getting a little sick of eggplant being most restaurants’ go-to vegetarian option. I also HATE mushy veggie burgers.

I’m in love with Sam Adams East West Kolsch. If you like beer, you should be, too.

I’ve been missing my apartment in Albany A LOT lately, especially my kitchen.

Speaking of kitchens, I don’t know who’s going to cook when Jeff and I move out again. My mother has been spoiling me with her delicious recipes for the past three months.

I’ve been searching for media jobs in DC and Florida. I’m also open to Boston, Philly, or California…just sayin’

This post took me an hour to write. How ridiculous is that?

*Check out my guest post page to find out what I look for in guest posts!

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