Strength and Gratitude

Wine Glass

As you may or may not have been able to tell by the lack of blog posts, the past few months have been rather stressful for me. I’ve gone through  many difficult life changes, and have somehow managed to stay strong through all of them.

I know that to stay healthy and sane, I need to focus on what matters most. With that said, this post is dedicated to the things in life that I am so grateful for.

First and foremost, I’m grateful for quality time and delicious dinners with my family:

Dinner with family

This one was prepared by my brothers, Adam and David, last week. The food was great, but moments like the ones I’m about to show you are what made the night:

Nicholas trying to walk in his mom's shoesNicholas eating corn on the cob

Being surrounded by my brothers, mother, sister-in-law, Angela, and my wonderful nephew, Nicholas, made me extremely happy, and grateful to have such a loving family.

Nicholas in his rocking chair

Secondly, I’m grateful that I got to spend three relaxing days with my good friend, Dana, and her husband, Don, last weekend.

Dana & Don in March

During my stay at her house, I spent time doing the following stress-free things:

Eating veggie pizza


Relaxing in her pool


with this:

Hard Apple Cider

Exploring new towns

Stroudsburg, PA

Eating breakfast out:

Breakfast at Mollie's in Stroudsburg, PA

And chasing around her adorable one-year-old, Noah


It was a great weekend. I wish I could stay with Dana forever!

I’m also grateful that:

  • I am living rent-free at my parents’ house, so I am able to save money for the future
  • My mom cooks the best comfort food around
  • I’m going out to dinner with one of my best friends, Dara, tonight
  • August is a new month, and I can take it one day at a time
  • I can still write on this blog, and know that many of you are still reading 🙂
  • Even though I didn’t fill my glass past the optimist line the night I drank from it, I know I’m not a pessimist

Wine glass

What are you grateful for lately? How do you get through life’s rough patches and still stay strong?

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  1. You have such a great (and cute!) family!! Never forget how much you are loved by family AND friends…even bloggy friends who have never met you! I feel like I am in a similar position as you ( not loving my part time jobs and living back at home etc.) so I can relate. But you are so right…if we look at the positive, we can see how blessed we are to even have jobs at all and loving people in our life. Thank you for being so honest! I love your blog!

  2. it’s always a good thing to step back and realize that you are thankful for (on more days than just thanksgiving haha) I like that optimist glass. 🙂

    I smell margaritas!! 🙂 mudslide drinks and weird puffy things with whipped cream!

  3. Hi Rosey Rebecca. Yep… Sounds like you have life’s priorities right. The three F’s… family, friends and food. What else does one need really?

    I’d offer to trade you jobs but you’d be trading one crummy job for another really crummy job. Keep on smilin’ my friend! A smile isn’t a placebo. It’s a cure!

  4. I am grateful for you and your family as well. You should stay with me forever! The pictures are great because the one of me and Don is from March, not too bad, and the other only has a teeny tiny shot of me in shorts so I can live with that! Come back any time! You are loved!

  5. Aw. Rebecca. I’m sorry for your rough patch. Whenever I’m handed a shit sandwich I like to talk about it with my nearest and dearest. And then I bake, bake, bake I bake cookies and brownies, muffins and cakes. It’s a weird coping mechanism, but it helps me take my mind off things.

    Oh, and I write. 🙂

    No matter what, your readers are here to listen. So by all means, let it out.

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