December Confessions

#1 Last night, I set the smoke detector off by boiling rice. Don’t ask me how it happened.  It just did.

I also spilled a whole container of lettuce on the kitchen floor.

I salvaged some to put on my burrito, but forgot to take a picture until I already bit into it. 

#2 I paid $10 at Le Pain Quotidien for this bowl of chili yesterday:

Ten. Dollars. I made a pot of chili for less than ten dollars a couple weeks ago. 

#3 I haven’t done laundry in two and a half weeks yet I still have clean clothes to wear. Donation time, I think.

#4 This is something I actually witnessed the other day: 

I almost ran after the truck.  

#5 Though this will be our eighth Christmas together, it will be the first Christmas morning Jeff and I have spent under the same roof. So excited. 

#6 This post is the result of having so much to share with you, but not enough time to write. I’m trying to get this blogging with a full-time job thing down. Now that I see how difficult it is, I really admire and strive to be like the many other bloggers who do it daily.  

What are your December confessions? 

Have a great Wednesday! 

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