January Confessions

1. I’ve had the same lunch every day for the past week and I am not even the slightest bit tired of it. In fact, I look forward to it every day. However, chia seeds keep getting stuck in my teeth, which makes for rather awkward after-lunch conversations with co-workers. I guess I’ll have to start stashing a toothbrush in my desk drawer.

2. I think my biggest gym pet peeve is when women shower in the locker room and then stay half-naked while they apply their makeup and do their hair. It really bothers me. I mean, you’re not home; you’re in a public space. I don’t want to see your butt every time I turn around.*

3. This past Sunday was my three-year vegiversary (vegetarian anniversary– yes, I’m making up words). After three years, I can honestly say that I don’t regret giving up meat one bit.


4. I also have absolutely no recollection of what real meat tastes like anymore. Take, for instance, these fake chicken fingers from Trader Joe’s:


Since I can’t remember what real chicken tastes like, I can’t even tell you if these actually taste like chicken. I remember thinking when I first became a vegetarian, however, that whatever they were putting in real chicken nuggets must be the same things they are putting in the fake ones because they taste exactly the same. But other than chicken, which is pretty easy to imitate (everything tastes like chicken, right?), I can’t remember what a real meatball or hot dog or sausage patty tastes like anymore. I’m actually quite ok with that.

By the way, those "chicken" fingers from TJ’S are amazing. For a frozen product, the ingredient list isn’t bad at all.


We had them with pearled couscous, corn and edamame.


5. My least favorite chores of all time have to be dishes and laundry. If I could send all my laundry out to be washed and folded without going broke, I’d do it in a heartbeat. As for dishes, I’d honestly rather scrub the toilet than scrub a dish clean. Although, I did buy a pair of awesome new dish-washing gloves with the hope that the pretty hot pink color will distract me from the fact that I’m actually doing dishes. So far, so good.


6. I am a bag lady. There, I said it. I carry at least three bags with me every workday: my everyday purse, my gym bag and a reusable Whole Foods bag with my lunch in it. Yes, I’m that annoying person in the Metro smacking you in the face with one of my bags, taking up valuable standing room with my gym duffle, and getting stuck in the exit gate because my bags won’t fit through. It has to stop. Not only is it annoying to other people, it’s annoying to me, too. Not to mention painful. My bags get so heavy sometimes that my shoulder falls off, and nobody wants that. What I need is a do-it-all bag. I looked at this one from LuLuLemon, but it’s just too big for my small frame:

LuLuLemon Bag

I think I’ve found the solution. Last night after I typed that paragraph…let me interrupt that sentence to confess something else:

7. yes, I started writing this post yesterday at lunch and had every intention of finishing and posting it when I got home from work, but Jeff offered me dinner and a trip to the mall. Who could refuse that? Blame Jeff. (In case you’re curious, we went to Seasons 52 and it was delicious. No pictures because it was too dark.)

Tangent over.

So, we wandered into Athleta while we were at the mall and I saw this bag:


Athleta Bag

After listening to both the saleswoman AND Jeff insist that I get it, I finally caved and splurged.



I love it so far. It has two separate compartments for my things, complete with an iPad sleeve and just enough pockets inside. It has a separate space for my sneakers on the bottom, but since I go to the gym in the morning and wear my sneakers there, I decided to use that section for my dirty gym clothes. Perfect.

After only a day of using it, I can already tell it was a good purchase. I’m sure my fellow metro riders agree. 😉

Maybe I’ll show you what’s in my bag in my next post. This one is becoming a book!

What are your Janurary confessions?
Are you a bag lady/man?
What’s your least favorite chore?
What’s your biggest gym pet peeve?

Have a great Friday!

*If,by chance,you happen to be one of these women and I’ve offended you: I’m sorry, I’m not sorry. Put some damn clothes on. The end.

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