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Happy Tuesday night! I hope your week is off to a great start! Mine is pretty good so far. I just got home from dinner with this lovely lady. We had a great time and so much to talk about. I love blogger meet-ups!  More on that later this week.

I have a lot to talk about, so let’s get to it, shall we?

First things first, here are the winners of my Cheribundi Cherry Juice Giveaway:

The case of Cheribundi Cherry Juice goes to:

Karen, who said:

I can only get the tart cherry and skinny cherry juice. I would love to try the other flavors. I have fibromyalgia and sometimes get terrible pain in my legs and back while trying to sleep. Drinking a glass of cheribundi before bedtime helps with both. I would love to win a case.

The two runners-up, who will each receive a coupon booklet, are:

Jen: Cherry juice sounds delicious and I may increase my strength training routine soon, so the juice could come in handy!


Georgiana: I would enjoy tasting Cheribundi to benefit from the vitamins and antioxidants bursting inside!

Congratulations, ladies!

*Note: The winners of this giveaway were chosen at random by the Random Integer Generator.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about this:

M&C 3

Two weekends ago, Jeff and I were invited to a Superbowl Potluck at one of our friend’s apartments. I immediately offered to make Macaroni & Cheese.


When it comes to making Mac & cheese, I have one tried and true recipe that I’ve been using for years (please ignore the fact that it’s called Bacon Mac). It’s from Cooking Light magazine, and always, always comes out right.

Note- the magazine you see in pictures below is the actual issue that I originally found the recipe in. I believe it’s from 2008 I don’t know how it’s not covered in cheese

For this particular occasion, I doubled the recipe.

M&C Pan 
If you decide to make this recipe, please be prepared to grate cheese for what feels like days. Trust me, it’s worth it.

I love this recipe in particular because it takes a comfort food classic and lightens it up. It uses skim milk, whole wheat pasta and no cream whatsoever. Yet, the final product is incredibly creamy and delicious.

Another reason to love it is that it serves as a base for so many different variations. A couple years ago, I made it with black olive and roasted red pepper cheddar, and threw in broccoli and roasted red peppers to jazz it up a bit. I kept it simple this time around with just cheese and scallions.

RRPs & GOs


M&C 4

So freaking delicious! Make this. You won’t be disappointed.  [Missed the link to the recipe? Click here]

Jeff wanted to make something for the party, too, so I suggested he make pepperoni pizza rolls!

Pizza Rolls 2 
These were incredibly easy to make. I whipped up a batch of my favorite pizza dough while Jeff looked up ideas on how to make the rolls online.

We decided to use the directions we found on this blog as a guideline. I was jealous of Jeff’s pizza rolls, so I made a vegetarian version with roasted red peppers and mozzarella

RRPs(Please excuse how, ahem, seasoned this baking sheet looks. We’ve had it since we lived in Albany. We’ve since purchased a shiny new one)

We rolled out the dough and used a cup to make the perfect-sized shells.


Then we filled each shell with the ingredients and folded each side up over the other until we had little dough balls.

Dough unedited 3

Then we placed them seam-side down in two greased pans (roasted red pepper in one, pepperoni in the other)…


…brushed them with an egg wash…

Egg Wash

…and then sprinkled them with garlic powder, oregano and parmesan cheese. We popped them into a 425 degree oven for around 20 minutes, and then…

Pizza Rolls 3


Party PRs

Perfection! We heated up store-bought pizza sauce for dipping.

They were a hit at the party! So was the mac & cheese, which I topped with more cheese and whole wheat bread crumbs and then popped in the oven once we got there.

Party M&C

Great success!

If you’re looking for something healthy and tasty to make for an upcoming party or just for dinner one night, I highly suggest making one of these!

And with that, I’m off to bed!

What’s your favorite healthy comfort food?

Have a Great Wednesday!

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