Coffee and Enchiladas

Happy Monday!

I had the best kind of day. One that included lounging in my PJs and drinking hot coffee from an actual mug–not a to-go cup. I love long weekends. I hope that you had a great day, too, regardless of whether or not you had off.

As I mentioned at the end of my last post, Jeff’s mom and brother were staying with us for long weekend. After enjoying a lazy Saturday morning, we finally headed out around 1:30 to breakfast brunch at one of our favorite diners in the area.

Silver Diner

I love the Silver Diner for a few reasons. It’s not your typical greasy diner (though don’t get me wrong- I like those every now and then, too). The menu offers a whole host of healthy options, including roasted potatoes, fruit, and veggie sausage. Plus, there’s this:

Silver Diner

I almost always order the same thing: The American Favorite with scrambled eggs, veggie sausage and whole wheat toast.


I also almost always devour the whole plate. Saturday was one of those days. Yum!

On Saturday night, we invited Jeff’s aunt and uncle over for dinner and Jeff’s mom cooked a Mexican feast!

Stove Top

While she was hard at work in the kitchen, I whipped up some guacamole. 


I think I used something like six avocados. We had a crazy amount of guac.

For as long as I’ve know him, Jeff has always raved about his mom’s homemade enchiladas. Saturday, I finally got to try them.


She made one tray with beef and the other with just onions and cheese.

We also had Bean Tostadas.

Corn Tortilla

Corn Tortillas

Corn Tortillas

All together:



Delicious! Now I finally know what Jeff’s been talking about all these years.

Sunday was another low-key day for us. Overall, it was a nice, relaxed weekend with great food and even better company!

Confession: I originally wrote this post at around 4 p.m., but then decided to take a nap before I finished it. Now it’s 7:15 and I’m about to make whole wheat ravioli. A pretty perfect Monday, I’d say.

Have a great Tuesday!

P.S. I’m in the process of updating the Favorite Posts, Recipes and Reviews pages of Rosey Rebecca. I hope to have them done really soon! In the meantime, I’ve created a new page, For My Father, which is exclusively dedicated to posts on the blog about losing my father and how I’ve coped since. I hope that in writing about it, it will help those of you who are going through/have gone through the tragedy of losing a loved one.

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