March Musings

It doesn’t matter how many times I bake, I will always get flour all over the kitchen and butter in my hair.


The result is always delicious though…

IMG_0987[Mocha Toffee Fudge Brownies for my coworker’s birthday. In case you’re wondering- I did not eat these all myself. I was tempted though]

Speaking of hair, I chopped mine off this past weekend.


I needed a change.

I officially have a new house favorite lunch spot:


If you are ever in DC (I believe there are locations in Philly, too) go to Sweetgreen. It’s the best salad place around. Plus they have fro-yo. Can’t beat that with a stick.

Thanks to my mom, I know that as long as I can combine garlic and white wine into a pasta sauce, I’m doing pretty ok in life.

IMG_0925[Portobello Mushrooms, Grape Tomatoes, Garlic, Olive Oil, White Wine]

Also, I need you to know that this pasta is pretty freaking incredible:

[I found it at Whole Foods. You can also find it here]

I will be 25 for exactly two more days, and on Thursday, I’m pretty sure I will finally experience my quarter-plus-one-year-life-crisis. Trust me, it’s coming.

At dinner over the weekend with a few friends, the waiter delivered a couple beers to our table and said he didn’t know who they were from. We were feeling pretty paranoid as we peered around around the restaurant and wondered who the heck sent them to us. Turns out, the people at the table next to us just wanted to pay it forward and treat a few strangers to a round of drinks. Pretty awesome, if you ask me.

Awesome[‘Awesome’ Board at Fuse Pilates in Dupont Circle]

All of my dress pants are at the dry cleaner. Planning fail. Let’s just say I’ve worn more dresses and skirts in the last week than I have the whole time I’ve worked in my current position (close to a year). Maybe I’ll remember to pick them up tomorrow.

Malls are dangerous places to visit on rainy days.

Gone Shoppin'

The end.

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