Goals Revisited: 101 in 1001

Happy Sunday, friends!

I’m currently sipping a soy latte from my fave local coffee shop after completing a ridiculously hard strength workout at the gym. Life is good.

It took some serious effort to get my butt to the gym this morning. I really wanted to get a weights workout in, but my PJs were so comfy and Sundays are meant for lounging, right?  I finally convinced myself to go with the internal reminder that I never regret a good workout. And, boy, was that true today! It was tough one, but I kept repeating if this were easy, it wouldn’t be called hard work in my head. The mantra really kept me going!

Instead of going to the gym yesterday, I took a long walk on the trails around my neighborhood. And, by long, I mean I probably walked something like eight miles. It was so beautiful out and I just didn’t want to stop walking! I found myself a little jealous of the runners and bikers passing me by. Maybe I’ll start running again as the weather gets nicer, and perhaps I’ll buy a bike!

OK, enough rambling. I started this post with the intention of revisiting a list I made in 2010. The list was part of a post called Becoming Who I Want to Be, and was written during my last semester of college. It was sort of an abstract list of things I wanted to accomplish to achieve a happier life.  I notice that a lot of bloggers post 101 in 1001 lists (101 things to accomplish in 1001 days), and I’ve finally decided to join them. While my list in 2010 was a great motivator, I’d like a list of more tangible goals with a deadline that’s not too close, but not too far away. Some of my goals are big, and others are small; I think all of them are important.  I realize that I just made a list like this on my birthday, but I really wanted to make a bigger one! Hope you enjoy reading it, and let me know if any of our goals are similar! [I’ll also create a page with this list and will update it as I check things off]

101 Things in 1001 Days

Start: April 1, 2013 (Age 26)

End: December 28, 2015 (Age 28.5)

  1. Run a race
  2. Pay off my credit card debt
  3. Drive from LA to San Francisco with Jeff on the Pacific Coast Highway
  4. Buy a new car
  5. Reach my happy weight (~120 lbs- I’m 5’2”)
  6. Get engaged (shh—don’t tell Jeff)
  7. Redesign my blog
  8. Attend a blogging conference
  9. Visit at least one major city I’ve never been (aside from San Fran because that’s a separate goal)
  10. Move across the country (seriously? Seriously)
  11. Adopt at least one dog (I really want 17-not kidding)
  12. Get a passport
  13. Freelance again
  14. Meet this lady in real life
  15. See Mumford & Sons live
  16. See Louis C.K. live
  17. Go Kayaking
  18. Purchase a bike
  19. Blog full-time (not sure how realistic this is but it’s one of my biggest dreams!)
  20. Complete a yoga/pilates workshop
  21. Go paddle-boarding
  22. Pay off half my student loans
  23. Get to the gym by 5:30 a.m.
  24. Hire a personal trainer
  25. Host a dinner party
  26. Go to a spa
  27. Buy the person behind me in line a cup of coffee
  28. Randomly send a table a round of drinks (this has happened to me– want to pay it forward!)
  29. Go on a date with my nephew (he’s 3)
  30. Go to a wine festival or complete a wine trail
  31. Put away $10 for every goal completed
  32. Make chocolate mousse
  33. Travel back to Albany, NY for a few days (where Jeff and I went to school and lived for more than two years)
  34. Go to therapy
  35. Go blueberry picking at an organic farm (and then make blueberry pancakes with them!)
  36. Cut processed foods out of my diet for an entire month
  37. Cook at home every day for a month- no eating out
  38. Build my savings account to my savings goal (keeping this one private)
  39. Swim in the Pacific Ocean
  40. Drive across the country with Jeff
  41. Achieve a noticeably toned, muscular body
  42. Stay a vegetarian
  43. Visit Boston again (still my favorite city ever)
  44. Try a new fitness class
  45. Cook my way through The Best Veggie Burgers On The Planet and Karma Chow Cookbooks (both gifts)
  46. Skype with my Mom
  47. Bake a pie
  48. Hold a plank for longer than three minutes
  49. Hold a plank for 12 minutes (my abs are quivering just thinking about this one)
  50. Try rock climbing
  51. Stay with a friend for a weekend
  52. Cook something for a family holiday meal
  53. Raise money for the American Lung Association
  54. Take Jeff to Montauk and eat at one of my father’s favorite restaurants
  55. Return to an amazing restaurant where Jeff and I had dinner in NYC (this is a tough one since it’s right down the street from where my father was in the hospital)
  56. Make a new friend
  57. Buy a DSLR or a step below
  58. Send someone a surprise in the mail
  59. Run near the Tidal Basin
  60. Eat blueberry pancakes at Market Lunch in Eastern Market
  61. Invest in a pair Lululemon pants (just to see what all the fuss is about!)
  62. Do yoga/pilates outdoors
  63. Have a meal somewhere with breathtaking views
  64. Surprise my mom with a random visit (I know you’re reading this, mom)
  65. Have brunch outdoors with a bunch of lady friends
  66. Start planning a wedding
  67. Get a massage
  68. Have a picnic in a beautiful place (different from #63 because #63 refers to a restaurant)
  69. Go hiking
  70. Visit a national park
  71. Go to a baseball game
  72. Cut out alcohol for a month (No wine!? *faints*)o z
  73. Increase my blog’s readership
  74. Make lasagna
  75. Try a smoothie made with kale
  76. Read 101 books
  77. Take a knife-skills class
  78. Join a running group
  79. Try Crossfit
  80. Blog every day for a month
  81. Host another #fitblog chat
  82. Become more involved in the blogging community again
  83. Get a skin check from a dermatologist
  84. Wear sunscreen every day of the year
  85. Bake cupcakes from scratch
  86. Paint a room
  87. Give money to a homeless person
  88. Improve my posture
  89. Complete the 100 push-up challenge
  90. Go white water rafting
  91. Go zip-lining
  92. Attend a beer festival
  93. Create a budget and stick to it
  94. Donate money to charity
  95. Say ‘yes’ to something I wouldn’t normally do
  96. Don’t say anything negative for at least one day
  97. Identify 100 things that make me feel happy
  98. Meditate daily for one month
  99. Make a list of 30 things I love about myself
  100. Keep a gratitude journal
  101. Try my best to complete everything on this list, but not stress about it

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  1. I love that you put go to therapy on your list! I have been going since November and it is one of the most difficult but best things I have ever done for myself.

    1. Cindy,

      It’s great to hear that therapy is helping you! It’s definitely been on my list of things to do for a while–I just need to take the plunge! Thanks for the comment!

  2. I love your 101 in 1001 list! My favorite is # 61.Invest in a pair Lululemon pants (just to see what all the fuss is about!)! I check out their running skirts every time I stop by the mall. Someday I am going to go for it!

  3. Just popping over from your post over at Fit & Free w/ Emily! Loved your post over there!

    This list is full of fun awesome things!! Blogging full-time would be HEAVEN! And I too want to complete the 100 push up challenge!

    You’re totally going to rock these! 🙂

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