The Day I Fell in Love With a Grocery Store

Hi, my name is Rebecca, and I am addicted to grocery shopping.

THERE. I said it.

Phew. Now that I got that off my chest, we need to talk about how I found my new love this past weekend, and, by new love, I mean my new house.


Yes, I am moving into Wegmans. You can’t stop me.

Before we talk about that, however, we need to back up a bit and discuss the fact that I found a place to get NY bagels in Virginia.


I’m sorry, maybe you didn’t hear me:

New York Bagels. In Virginia.

The beauts you see above came from Chutzpah Deli in Fairfax, which orders its bagels frozen from Davidovich Bakery in NYC and bakes them fresh every day. The best part is that you can purchase the frozen bagels from Chutzpah and bake them at home yourself! *faints*

frozen bagels

I am a New Yorker at heart. Before I moved to Virginia in 2012, I lived in New York for 25 years—i.e., my whole life. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that it’s for that very reason that I’ve developed a bit of an addiction to bagels.  Up until now, the closest I’d come to finding New York style bagels in VA was at Brooklyn Bagel Bakery in Arlington—a gem of a place that serves one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had in my life.  In fact, the first time I bit into this particular sandwich made up of hummus & veggies squished together on a perfectly toasted sundried tomato bagel, I proclaimed that I would never eat another hummus & veggie bagel sandwich from anywhere else even again. {When I find something I love,I tend to overreact just a little bit.}

Well, Brooklyn Bagel Bakery, you’ve met your match.

Cinnamon Raisin Bagels

I know, of course, that Chutzpah has a HUGE, unfair advantage since its bagels are actually FROM New York, and  I will definitely continue to frequent Brooklyn Bagel Bakery. The New Yorker in me just cannot stop jumping up and down in excitement about finally being able to buy and consume real, live NY bagels in northern Virginia.

Now that I’ve gotten you all worked up over the bagel I ate for breakfast on Sunday morning, I really just have one other question:


I know, I know. It’s just a grocery store, but, seriously…

When can I move in?


On Sunday afternoon, after hearing me talk, and talk, and talk about Wegmans, Jeff finally struck a deal: we could go if I promised we wouldn’t spend five years there. A fairly simple request, right? I’d like to stop right here and emphasize that I had never actually been in a Wegmans; I’d only dreamt heard about it. So you need to realize that the fact that I had been talking so much about this particular grocery store without ever having actually been in one did not bode well for Jeff’s deal.


Remember, above, when I said that when I find something I love I overreact just a little bit? Well Wegmans is no exception. If you’ve never been (or heard of it), imagine if Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and your favorite local grocery chain combined to create one, huge, wonderful grocery utopia. That’s Wegmans. I nearly hyperventilated when we walked in the door.


I bet you’re wondering how someone can possibly become so hysterical over grocery shopping and bagels.

Well, Hi, my name is Rebecca, and I’m addicted to grocery shopping and bagels.

Where is your favorite place to go food shopping? To get bagels?

p.s. we only spent four years there.

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    1. Karena! Thanks for the comment. 🙂 You probably didn’t know about Chutzpah because it’s all the way out in Fairfax so far from any Metro that I almost didn’t even give it a try. So glad I did though. Do you have any DC proper bagel tips!?

  1. Ugh. You know what? I can’t think of one decent place in DC. In fact, I only remember the places with bad bagels!

    I did frequent the Firehook that faces Farragut Square when I worked over there. They weren’t bad, but that might just be because I finally accepted I would never find proper bagels in DC. sadface.

  2. I love Wegmans. My sister lived in Binghamton for a few years and I LOVED going there. You can live in a wegmans! LOL Im jealous…I dream of a wegmans in the city or long island! 🙂

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