This past weekend is one that I will remember for a long, long time.

Last Friday, Jeff and I set out on a six-hour road trip to my mom’s house in New York.  The following morning, my whole family piled back into Jeff’s car and we drove three hours to Newport, RI, where we spent two wonderful days honoring my father and all that he loved. Monday marked two years since we lost him, but pieces of him were undeniably present in every moment of our trip.

After each trip away, my father loved to discuss the highlights. He liked to relive each moment, engraving each one in his mind, as to never forget how special they were. He’d wait until we were driving home and then, excitedly and without fail, ask everyone to rehash the best parts of the trip.

So, to answer to question my father would have inevitably asked if he had been there this past weekend, here, in photos, are my highlights from our time spent in one of his favorite places. 


Black Bean Sliders

Coffee Depot


Clarke Cooke House


ice cream

Chopmist Charlies

pumpkin cider

Corner Cafe


small things

My heart is full. My father would be pleased.

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