Please Shave November

I’m sorry. How is it Saturday? Wasn’t it just Monday? Let’s get this show on the road!

First we need to discuss how unnecessarily over-the-top excited I am that the Red Cups are back at Starbucks. And, yes, Red Cup is a proper noun.  Kind of like Red Sox but with less facial hair. Have they shaved yet?  Speaking of shaving, can someone PLEASE explain the insanity behind No Shave November to me!? I just don’t get it.

Red Cup

What were we talking about? Ah, yes. The Red Cups.

Sad Fact: I wait for this moment all year long.  What can I say? My lattes just magically taste better when served in bright, festive paper cups. It’s the little things.

On Thursday, this happened:

Luna Airplane

Yes, folks, that is a puggle in an airplane costume and she was most definitely the life of the Potluck Halloween Party I attended. Especially when she flew through the air to grab a piece of pizza crust from Jeff’s hand. Who knew puggles could jump? Must have been the wings.


So, I had about three seconds to throw a dish together for the party, but, somehow, after tossing lettuce all over the kitchen, I came up with this:

1 SaladA delicious fall salad made up of mixed greens, apples, pears, pecans, craisins and gorgonzola

Wait, this seems familiar. I seem to remember making something similar for a potluck thrown by my pal Heather back in 2010. 

Salad 2010

Oh, right, I made the EXACT SAME SALAD.

But, wait!, what did I bring to the potluck I attended at Heather’s the time before that?

Salad 2010 summer

Oh, yes. A SALAD.  I am the most boring potluck attendee ever.  If it aint broke, don’t fix it, right?


Somebody, however, needs to fix the fact that I just discovered Wild Friends peanut butter and there are three other flavors plus a VANILLA ESPRESSO ALMOND BUTTER I have yet to try. (I think you know why caps were necessary there.)


Have I been living under a rock? How have I not already inhaled every jar ever created?

Speaking of peanut butter and cookies (cookies?), how is it that I just came across this blog two weeks ago when it has been in existence since 2010!?!?

Kiss My Broccoli

SERIOUSLY. Yesterday, this lady posted a recipe for peanut butter cookie butter.  Wait. Back up. Let me say that again: Peanut. Butter. Cookie. Butter. DID YOU HEAR THAT!?


Recipe-for-Drizzly-Peanut-Butter-Cookie-Butter-from-www.kissmybroccoliblog.com_[Photo reprinted with permission from Heather. Not this Heather, but this Heather.]

I nearly walked into a pole while reading one of her posts the other day.  Note to self: don’t walk and blog.

Seriously though- check her out. But watch out for poles!

OK- enough of this silliness. I’m off to stuff my face with Buckwheat Banana Beer Pancakes at Copperwood Tavern. Yes, you read that right. BEER PANCAKES. It’s 5:00 somewhere!

Oh, but, before I go, I thought you might need to know what happens when a pirate pours a bunch of dry ice into a bathtub on Halloween:

1Dry Ice

You’re welcome.


How do you feel about No Shave November?

What is your go-to potluck dish? IS IT A SALAD? Copier.

Have a great weekend!

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    1. Caroline,

      Salted caramel mochas would taste fabulous even if I was drinking one out of my hands. Congrats on the half marathon! I just finished thinking about running a half marathon!

  1. Thank goodness I cleaned my bathroom before it was shared with the world. Note: those spider webs are there on purpose!

    Your salad was pretty awesome. I’m just silly for not liking gorgonzola, but hey at least it’s not cilantro. (:

    1. Even if it wasn’t clean you wouldn’t have been able to tell through the dry ice madness going on. Aren’t you happy I shared a picture of Struan’s pirate butt with the world, too?

      As for cilantro, next time I’m bringing a salad made of cilantro and nothing else. You can’t stop me.

  2. No Shave November is also called Mov-ember.. Men either not shave or just grow out moustaches to raise awareness for men’s health. Our company sponsors some of the guys here and the best moustache wins a prize. Ian did it last year and won most Artistic Moustache. Haha

    Also, I am eating TJs cookie butter RIGHT NOW. If I could eat PB, I’d try that 🙂

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