Life Lately in Ten Sentences

This morning, as I sat next to Jeff on the train, I started to freak out that I’d be late to work because the train kept stopping and going and stopping and going between stations (which, if you’ve ever taken a DC metro, you know is pretty commonplace). Just as I was about to explode, Jeff looked at me and said, “there was this girl who wrote a blog post about managing anxiety and maybe you should read it.” And with that, I sat back, took a deep breath and stopped thinking about the train because I realized that I had no control over it and worrying about it was only affecting me, not the outcome of the situation. (In case you’re wondering, I was not late to work.)

That said, I want to thank everyone who read my post yesterday. I received so many emails, tweets and comments from those of you who are going through or know someone going through the same thing. If I helped one person by sharing my experience, I’m happy that I did.

Since I wrote SO MUCH yesterday, I figured you probably want a break from looking at so many words. So I decided to summarize the past few days in ten sentences.

Life Lately in 10 Sentences

1. My mom called Jeff yesterday to ask him why her computer sounded like a washing machine.

2. Breakfast for dinner is the best kind of dinner.

3. Re:above: swiss cheese, avocado, mushrooms and tomatoes blend beautifully in an omelet, I promise.

4. Standing on a moving train for 30 whole minutes, in high heels, without holding on to anything, is how I’m training to be an acrobat.

5. Caramel Soy Lattes.

6. My face froze off this morning and doing ANYTHING with your hands when your fingers are cold is absolutely impossible.

7. There may or may not be a cat in my apartment when I get home tonight (and, no, we didn’t get a cat).

8. Invite me to a pajama party and I promise to take pictures like this.

9. It is possible to spend five full minutes in forward fold and it is marvelous.

10. It’s also possible to spend five whole hours watching old episodes of SVU, am I right, @jcqly?


Now tell me about YOUR life in a few sentences. 

Happy Hump Day!

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    1. Amanda: you had me at tacos. I also need you to know that after I read your comment, I went to your blog and searched ‘taco’ so I could find out what surprise you’re talking about, and didn’t find anything. Good luck recovering from your marathon!

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