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Rant Over.

Since my last post was so rageful, I wanted to make this one a little happier.

So here’s a thing you probably don’t know about me: I love filling out surveys. I was that girl in middle school who got a ‘fill out this survey in the next three seconds or you’ll explode’ chain email and filled it out in two and then forwarded it to all of my friends.

So when I saw this Old School Blogging survey over on Cori’s blog, OliveToRun (AKA: my latest ‘read every post ever written in one hour’ blog), I couldn’t resist. Before I begin, I need to note that Elaine and Brittany are the bloggers who originally posted this gem of a survey, so if you decide to fill it out and post it somewhere, be sure to tweet the link to @elainea and @BrittanyVandy, and use the hashtag #OSBlog.

Also important to note: I wrote this post Sunday night so if some of the answers seem a little strange for 6:00 on a Monday morning (when this post went up), that’s why.

Ready? Go.

Cafe, #OSBlog, Rosey Rebecca

Where is your cell phone? Charging in the other room because I can never stop tweeting, facebooking, instagraming, looking up useless stuff on the internet (those links I included right there are just invitations for you to feed my addiction).

Your significant other? Jeff: is sitting directly in front of me on his computer. I am sitting on our guest room bed. Jeff’s brother, Tom, is sitting next to me. Tom’s cat, Aslan, is sitting below me.*  Now that we all know where everyone is sitting, let’s move on.

Your hair? Is up in a bun and that’s where it is 90% of the time because I’m too lazy to ever do anything with it.

Your mother? Is who I’m turning into. Did I mention that she called Jeff the other day to ask him why her computer sounded like a washing machine? She also makes the most delicious comfort food, is always reading at least three books at one time, and is the best mommy ever. End of story. 

Your father? Was the greatest one a girl could ask for. I miss him every day.

Your favorite thing? Changes all the time. Currently? Hot Yoga. Specifically at Dancing Mind Yoga.

Yoga, #OSBlog, Rosey Rebecca

Your dream last night? A very vivid one about the beach, the sun and my father.

Your favorite drink? Water.

Your dream/goal? To be an astronaut happy.

The room you are in? I thought we talked about this already. See Your Significant Other.

Your fear? Understandably: loved ones dying.

Where do you want to be in six years? Doesn’t matter as long as I’m happy and healthy.

keep riding, #OSBlog, Rosey Rebecca {The sign above was posted at the top of a tough hill I pedaled up on Saturday. I’m making it my new life motto.}

Where were you last night? In my car on the side of road after it broke down on my way home from Target. Thank goodness for Jeff, Triple A and the fact that I made it out of Target with one item instead of 50 (unrelated but whatever).

What are you not? A runner. I’ve tried to be in the past and I may try in the future. Right now, however, it’s just not for me.

Muffins? Is this a trick question? Who doesn’t love muffins?

One of your wish list items? Someone to wash and iron my clothes while I sleep.

Where you grew up? 30 miles outside NYC in a town where everyone knows your my mom’s name because she works at the local library and is pretty much the nicest person ever. Half those people also know my brother’s name because he is a teacher at the local high school. Me? I avoid the places where I may need to make small talk with the people I went to high school with when I return home because I’m a little awkward.

The last thing you did? Ate Indian food. Before that I biked to my local bike shop for a tune-up and proceeded to buy the whole store these things:

health, #OSBlog, Rosey Rebecca

Since we’re on the topic, I should tell you that I didn’t buy that yoga towel at the bike shop. I bought it before I biked to the bike shop at a different shop. And before that Jeff and I went to brunch here. And before that I ate breakfast. And right now I’m telling you that if anyone ever tries to tell you that you can’t have your breakfast and eat brunch, too, you just shouldn’t talk to that person anymore.

What are you wearing? Men’s sweatpants from my alma mater’s bookstore. I didn’t know they were men’s when I bought them. They are very baggy and I often pull them all the way up to my chest so they don’t drag on the floor, which makes Jeff laugh quite a bit. They also have a hole in the right pocket, so I try not to store my frozen milky ways in there.

Your TV? Is brand spanking new because I broke our last one when I tried to stretch after a bike ride and KNOCKED MY BIKE OVER ON TOP OF IT and cracked the screen. I don’t want to talk about it.

Your pets? Cornelius, the Port-A-Pug Tina sent me back in 2010 as a get well present. I guess that means he’s three.

cornelius, #OSBlog, Rosey Rebecca

Your computer? Is the reason I can blog. Is also killing my neck when I carry it to work on my back. Can someone please find a solution for this and tell me about it? Thanks.

Your life? Is what you make it. Lovin is also what I got. Remember that.

Your mood? Hard to tell. I guess I’m in the blogging mood. heh heh. Cheesy joke. NEXT.

Missing someone? See Your Father.

Your Car? Is old. See Where Were You Last Night?

Something you are not wearing? A bracelet engraved with the word ‘breathe’ on it that I bought as a reminder for when I’m feeling anxious, and also to act as a tribute to my father who suffered from lung disease. I wear it almost every day.

Favorite store? Um, is that even a question? Really, any grocery store.

Wegmans, #OSBlog, Rosey Rebecca

Your summer? Happened so fast!

Like someone? My stuffed beagle, Achoo. Don’t judge.

Your favorite color? I can never decide. You pick one for me.

When was the last time you laughed? When I saw this and this.

Last time you cried? On Friday from laughing too hard.

What is one thing on your To-Do list? Pick out new frames for my new eye glass prescription. Apparently I’m blind.

If you got this far I should find you and kiss you or something. Or just thank you for reading. That would be less awkward.

Happy Monday!

*I feel it’s important to note that Aslan is under the bed. I’m not sitting on top of a cat. That would be rude.

All pictures in the post are from Instagram. Again, just feeding my addiction.

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    1. Jolene, glad you enjoyed the survey! It’s funny how grocery chains vary by location. If you’re ever somewhere where there is a Wegman’s, you MUST go. It’s like the holy grail of grocery stores!

  1. I think your favorite color should be orange. And good for you on the water as a favorite drink, I wish I could say that!

    Thanks so much for playing along!

    p.s. I don’t think you added your post to the link-up. Come by and do so if you want! 🙂

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