December Confessions

Happy Friday! I think it’s time for another monthly confessions post, so here we go!

Confession #1:  I’m addicted to Law and Order: SVU. I’m linking to it, but don’t click on it–it’ll get you, too! You can’t just watch one episode either because IT’S ALWAYS ON, one right after the other. I can’t stop. It doesn’t help that Jeff is addicted, too. Is there a support group we can join or something? SVUaholics Anonymous? I’m losing sleep over it. Someone just really needs to take my TV away from me. HELP.


Confession #2: High heels are not my friends. I don’t know how so many women do it. Am I missing something? Are there black pumps out there that are actually comfortable? If so, please fill me in. Jeff and I went to his holiday dinner on Tuesday night and I don’t even know how I still had feet by the time we got home.  The worst thing? I’m wearing them again tonight at my holiday party. I never learn. I’d seriously pay someone a million dollars to invent something that I can put on my feet that look like heels but are actually fuzzy slippers. Get to work- my bank account is waiting.


In case you didn’t see it on Instagram or Facebook, this is me in my fancy-smancy dress and death heels before Jeff’s holiday party on Tuesday night.

Confession #3: Christmas is in less than two weeks. SURPRISE!


No, that’s not my confession (that would be kind of lame). My two Christmas-related confessions are 1) I haven’t done any shopping yet, and 2) I have no idea how I’m getting to New York. Train? Bus? Car? Who knows? You know, lots of normal people plan in advance and save hundreds of dollars on travel and Christmas gifts. Not me. I’m sorry, Christmas, you’ll have to wait another month, I’m not ready for you yet.

Confession #4: I haven’t actually cooked anything for dinner- as in, followed a recipe- in I don’t even know how long. I’ve had Annie’s macaroni and cheese for dinner three times in the past week. Why? Because I’m never home. Remember how in my last post I told you that I was really stressed out from over scheduling my weeknights? Yeah, well, I need to stop doing that. It’s gotten to the point where I dread even the fun things I have planned after work and I’m seriously burning out. Wednesday, after arguing back and forth with myself for a while, I decided it would be best for my mental and physical health to cancel my after-work plans. Boy, was I right. There is nothing quite like getting home after a long day at work, changing into PJs and cuddling up on the couch with a blanket to watch, you guessed it, SVU all night.  I completely unplugged from the outside world and it was glorious. I think I’m going to start working out in the mornings again to free up my weeknights.

Confession #5: I finally started reading The Glass Castle. I KNOW I said I was going to start it last month, but who’s counting? Aside from me, and now you  because I just linked to the blog post where I said I was going to start reading The Glass Castle on November 6. Ok, so everyone’s counting. Better late than never though, right? Anyway, I’m about 50 pages in and I’m loving it so far.  Thank you to those of you who recommended it. If you haven’t read it, I highly suggest getting to it RIGHT AWAY like I did. 🙂


Confession #6: I got my eyes checked more than a month ago and still haven’t picked out new frames. What’s wrong with me? I’m the world’s best procrastinator. Seriously. There should be an award or something. Even if there were a contest, though, I’d probably procrastinate too much and miss the entry deadline. In my defense, the doctor’s office is only open from 10-4 <–WHY a doctor’s office in downtown DC would have such insanely inconvenient hours is beyond me.  Let’s not even talk about the fact that it will probably take me the entire six hours they’re open to choose my frames. At this point, I probably won’t have eyes until next Christmas.

Confession #7: I’m subscribed to Parents magazine.

Parents magazine- roseyrebecca

Now, before you start wondering, NO, I’m not secretly a parent. And, no, I never subscribed to Parents magazine. It just randomly started appearing my mailbox a few months ago. I was completely baffled at first but I think I know what happened. A while ago, I received a email offer to subscribe to my choice of magazines for just $5 each. Since I’m OBSESSED with magazines, I jumped at the opportunity and ordered four.  Fitness magazine was one of the magazines I chose and I’ve never gotten it. Something must of just gone wrong in their system. I’ve tried to cancel the subscription multiple times but someone apparently just REALLY wants me to read Parents magazine. Oh well. At least there’s a happy baby on the front.

Confession #8: We have a cat now.


Meet Aslan. Some of you may have already seen her on social media, and I’ve sort of mentioned her here, but I’ve never fully explained. She’s not technically our cat. She belongs to Jeff’s brother, Tom. We’re just hanging on to her for a few months while he’s traveling. I’ve never been a big cat person, but, I have to say, she’s growing on me. She’s kind of a weirdo. I got up early this morning to finish this post and she decided to sit right on my stomach between me and my laptop for 10 minutes. Her favorite hiding spot is under the bed in the guest room. She’s definitely the fluffiest guest we’ve ever had stay with us. Whenever she’s freaked out about something, which is quite often, she’ll dart under the bed and stay there for hours. She found a new hiding spot on Sunday after I ruined her life by vacuuming in the guest room. You may remember the random picture I posted of my fridge on this post. Look closer.

Aslan Fridge

Confession #9: I almost didn’t write this post. Yesterday, after spending a full hour writing in Starbucks, my fingers hit a magic combination of keys on my keyboard, and BAM, my post was gone. The whole thing. Just gone forever. Since I’m usually busy after work (see above) I tend to write the bulk of my blog posts during my lunch hour. And there I was, two minutes before I had to go back to work, staring with my mouth wide open at a blank screen. It wasn’t like I just deleted it and could hit undo either. With just a few random keystrokes, I managed to bring up the whole “are you sure you want to exit before saving” box and hit yes without even realizing it. UGH.

computer rosey rebecca

I wish I could just hit a few keys and have good things happen, like if I hit ‘dvjfvhfe’ and a cupcake just appeared in front of me, THAT would be awesome. But, hitting a few keys and having your writing disappear? That truly stinks, and I contemplated calling the whole thing off. Luckily I found a seat on my metro commute home and instead of reading, I  pulled a Truman Capote and managed to remember the whole post word for word. (If you got the Capote reference without clicking the link, you win a prize- you can have all of my Parents magazines. Congratulations.) Also, since I DID manage to erase my whole blog post and had to rewrite it, you now get this long, rambling confession about how I deleted my whole blog post. You’re welcome.

(P.S. I JUST DID IT AGAIN—this time I saved as I went along, however, and salvaged most of it. I shouldn’t be allowed to write things. Sheesh.)

Confession #10: I completely FORGOT to announce the winners of my Birds Eye giveaway in my last post, so here they are:

The three free bags of Birds Eye Recipe Ready go to Angelle

The two runners-up are Kate M. and Mary Beth Elderton who will each receive a coupon for one free bag.

Congratulations, ladies! Please send your me your info at rebecca[at]roseyrebecca[dot]com.


Are there any TV shows you’re addicted to?

Can you walk in high heels?

How do you manage to fit it all in when you have a packed schedule?

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever gotten in the mail?

Have you ever deleted something really important by accident and not been able to recover it?

Have a great Friday!

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  1. I am totally adddicted to Criminal Minds…totally.

    I managed to wear heels for years…somehow. I have given them up and now opt for boots, sneakers, anything comfy and good for walking.

    I have learned to keep my schedule unpacked for my health, well being and sanity.

    The weirdest thing I ever got in the mail was a photo of myself when I was 16 or 17. It was taken at an Art Show at Elmira College. It was signed “Guess Who”…and I have less than no idea who sent it!

    I know all too well the utter frustration at writings lost to the neverland that is cyberspace.

    Rebecca, I am so happy you have returned to blogging! I enjoy your posts so much! You, your Dad, your family, etc. remain in my thoughts and prayers. I lost my Dad when I was 25 to cancer and I know how truly difficult it is. Thrilled that you and Jeff found your way back to one another, too! May you both enjoy all the warmth and love of the season, may your feet manage to survive and may you continue to make special memories with those you love. A very Merry Christmas from Saratoga Springs, Rebecca! Brightest Blessings~Margaret (Peg) Selikoff

    1. Margaret! Thanks so much for your comment–it really means a lot to me! I’m sorry to hear that you lost your dad around the same age I did. It really does get better with time, as I’m sure you already know.

      Jeff and I were hooked on Criminal Minds back when we lived in Albany. I haven’t kept up with it, but I’m sure that when we run out of SVU episodes to watch, I’ll jump right back to it.

      And a photo of yourself in the mail? That’s creepy!

      Again, I really appreciate that you’ve kept up with my blog through all the ups and downs! I hope you have a wonderful holiday! Oh, and please go to Uncommon Grounds in Saratoga and eat a bagel for me. 😉

  2. Vavavoom on the dress!! Cutey Pie on the cat!! Thanks for the Christmas present idea – I read they give lessons for walking in high heels in NYC. You can give me a gift of lessons too — not!! Have fun at the party — I’d like to see another pic, Love, Mom

  3. Gilmore Girls and The West Wing. If I did not have kids these shows would consume my life to the point that I would never leave my apartment. Gilmore-isms are recited frequently in my life. Especially today when I can smell snow!
    AS far as heals go I could never walk in them and to this day I dispose them. My best advice is to do what I did and mary a man shorter then you. I wore slippers under my wedding gown all day and very rarely have to wear heals. When my friend Donna got married and demanded we all wear flats with our dresses I was happier then a pig in poop! Now when my other friend got married and demanded we all wear silver heals I was not so happy but we all do what we have to for the bride!
    Good luck procrastinating. I get some of my best work done that way. For example I should be cleaning right now!

  4. I love Californication … it’s probably my favourite TV show.

    Yes, I can walk in high heels, but I have narrow heels, so if they don’t have a strap across them then my heels come out.

    I deleted a 10 page paper that I had just written in university one year … I could not recover it because I was stupid back then and didn’t save as I went along.

  5. I LOVE SVU. Sometimes I feel weird saying that. The characters and stories are all so touching and the way they flow from one episode to the next is pure evil. 🙂 Also, I HATE heels. Blowfish brand wedges are my go-to for “heels”. 🙂 I keep it under 2.5 inches to be safe!

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