Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk

Hiya! Happy Friday! Happy fall! Happy October! Happy I haven’t blogged in forever so let’s get right to it, shall we? 

As of today, I am officially a resident of North Carolina.  And when I say ‘Officially,’ I mean I survived the ‘waiting at the DMV until my hair turned grey’ portion of the test.  Three hours after we arrived yesterday, the woman helping me hit the wrong key and locked herself out of my license application.  I proceeded to wait another hour and a half while she sat on hold with the DMV gods, only to be told I’d have to return in the morning.  24 hours later, license acquired. Great success! The DMV should hand out awards on the way out the door. 

Have I mentioned that we moved to North Carolina? Asheville, North Carolina to be exact.

Why?  Because we felt like it.

No, really. That’s the reason.  We needed a change and after visiting Asheville over the summer with Jeff’s family, we just decided this is was it. So we moved. We’ve been here almost three weeks now and it already feels like home. I’m loving every second of it.  

We first started thinking about moving to the mountains when we visited Colorado last summer. Something about being completely surrounded by nature —  the trees, the quiet, the fresh, mountain air — really felt right to us. But Colorado is far and I just couldn’t justify moving that far away from our families. Then we discovered Asheville and it just felt right. 

Everything here is awesome. The people, the places, the fact that we can see the mountains and a horse farm (a horse farm!!) from our apartment windows.  The food, oh. my. gosh, the food. We went to a BBQ restaurant last night that had not only one, but TWO vegetarian options and they were both awesome! There is no,  just order a salad or choose from the sides. Almost every restaurant is vegetarian friendly. And the focus on local, organic food is outstanding! I am in love. There is always something to do or see. The other night, Jeff and I took a casual drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway and just stumbled across this overlook:

blue ridge overlook

No big deal. Just hanging out in the clouds, 3,100 feet above sea level, on a weeknight. 

AHH I love it!

OK, I’ll stop. For now. 

But if you want to see more pictures or get more regular updates until I figure out what the heck I’m doing with this here blog, be sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Have a wonderful weekend! <3

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