Odd’s Cafe In West Asheville (Giveaway!)


Hi all! Happy Wednesday! I have a pretty fun giveaway for Asheville locals today, but first…

We need to discuss this Vanilla-Rose Latte.

Vanilla-Rose Latte- Odd's Cafe

You read that right.

Vanilla. Rose. Latte.

Odd's Cafe- West Asheville, NC

No, I didn’t order it because my name is Rosey RebeccaI know you were wondering.

I ordered it because it sounded freaking awesome.  And it was.

The  warm weather and this big open window made it taste even better.

Odd's Cafe- West Asheville, NC

Are you reading those other latte flavors?  Lavender–Honey?  Ginger-Turmeric? Raspberry-Hazelnut?  Oh my yum.

Odd's Cafe- Asheville, NC

Another thing we need to discuss is  Odd’s Cafe, the place where I drank this delicious latte.

Odd's Cafe- West Asheville, NC

Jeff and I discovered Odd’s Cafe in West Asheville when we first moved to Asheville in September. We were drawn in by our need for caffeine and by the huge T-Rex on the wall.

Odd's Cafe- Asheville, NC

It was love at first sip! Since my first visit, I’ve gone back a number of times to take advantage of their cozy atmosphere and delicious drinks. All of Odd’s syrups are house-made, which is always a huge draw for me.  I don’t usually get syrups in my drinks unless the cafe makes them in-house.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that when I lived in Albany, I was obsessed in love with a coffee and bagel shop called Uncommon Grounds.

Well, it turns out that the owner of Odd’s Cafe used to WORK at Uncommon Grounds and modeled Odd’s off of it! How crazy is that!?   It wasn’t until last week when I was chatting with her that I discovered our New York connection. I fell even more in love right then and there.

Odd's Cafe- Asheville, NC

One of the things I love most about Asheville is its huge focus on community.

With its free book library and overflowing bulletin board, it’s apparent that nurturing the local community is one of Odd’s passions, too. They even let customers bring their dogs in, which I absolutely love because I’m obsessed with dogs.

Odd's Cafe- Asheville, NC

While its unique-flavored lattes are enough of a selling point for me, Odd’s also serves Counter Culture Coffee, pastries, smoothies, gelato and lots and lots of tea. And bagels FROM NEW YORK. Can’t forget about that!

Odd's Cafe-West Asheville, NC

Oh, and they also have this Vegetarian Chorizo Strata from Wake Robins Farm Breads.

Vegetarian Chorizo Strata- Odd's Cafe, West Asheville, NC

So good!

Odd’s is very dietary-restriction friendly. They have a variety of milks to choose from for drinks,  plus gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options for foodies.  Just another reason why I adore them!  Another cool thing is that you can start a tab while you’re there, just as you would at a bar. This is great for people like me who like to camp out in coffee shops and order things throughout the day.

I can think of a million more reasons why I love Odd’s, but enough talk, ON TO THE GIVEAWAY!!!

Odd's Cafe Giveaway- www.roseyrebecca.com

Odd’s Cafe has kindly offered a $25 gift card to one lucky local!

I wish all my readers could enter this giveaway, but unfortunately this one is just for Asheville area locals.  I consider *local* to be anyone within an hour of Asheville, NC, so this extends to Black Mountain, Weaverville, Candler, Waynesville, etc. If you have any questions about whether you’re qualified to enter, please just shoot me an email: rebecca@roseyrebecca.com


Simply leave a comment on this post and tell me about the most unique coffee or tea drink you’ve ever had.


***Each of the following counts as one additional entry. Please leave a separate comment for each additional entry. Bonus entries will not be counted unless you leave a comment letting me know you completed one of the following actions.***


  1. This giveaway is only open to Asheville area locals. People who live within an hour of Asheville are also welcome to enter. Please don’t enter unless you know you’ll use the gift card.
  2. You have until midnight on Sunday, March 13 to enter.
  3. I will select and announce a winner on Monday, March 14 via the Random Integer Generator. The winner will have until midnight on Tuesday, March 15 to claim their prize. If the winner does not reply by then, I will choose a new winner on Wednesday, March 16.

Good Luck!

Disclaimer: Odd’s Cafe did not provide me with free food or drinks. They did not compensate me or request that I write this post. They have kindly offered one winner a $25 gift card. 

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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog thanks to Facebook and I’m glad I did! My husband and I live downtown and we always end up going to the same places when we go out to eat, hopefully I’ll get inspired to go somewhere different. I really want to try that vanilla rose latte! The most interesting coffee drink I’ve had recently was lavender honey from Clingman, so yummy.

    1. I had not discovered the aztec mocha (similar to a mexican mocha at other coffee shops) until I moved here a few years ago. It has become my guilty pleasure.. I’m guilty of frequenting Odds a few times a week… but I never sway from the aztec mocha. There is just something about the chocolate, cinnamon, and cayenne that brightens my day! (I dont even have to tell them what I want, they already know when I come in.. lol

      1. Amanda, that’s awesome! Love when local businesses know you by name and remember your order! I’ll have to try their Aztec mocha! I’m guilty of being there a few times a week as well!

      2. I also “liked” your fb page, Odd’s Cafe fb page and shared your post! …that reminds me, I havent had my coffee yet today! 🙂 I think I’ll head to Odd’s now

  2. My all time favorite flavored coffee drink is the smoked maple latte that Odd’s made last fall! It was fantastic. Odd’s is such a great cafe, and I’ve done a lot of very productive studying there!

  3. I’m a west asheville native born and raised and love to see more coffee shops finally wandering on over to this side of town. Odds is great, I studied all through grad school there. I must say I’m a coffer purist and rarely venture to flavor my beverages but I am a sucker for their pumpkin pie latte.

  4. I’m a vanilla latte girl so I’m super excited to try this rosey version. Odd’s is my place for iced coffee when the weather is warm, so it looks like I might be stopping by today!

  5. Love all the pictures of this cozy cafe! I am not a local so I get to enjoy this place through your blog. I am a huge fan of lattes (caffeine free of course for my sensitive self) But I do love anything iced!

  6. This place looks adorbs! And I love that they accommodate people with a multitude of dietary restrictions, and I also love you can start a tab. Perfect for people like us. I don’t really get too crazy with coffee drinks b/c I pretty much straight-up coffee, but I do love a well-prepared mocha with quality espresso. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  7. I don’t venture out much from my chai lattes, but love trying new things. That chorizo looked amazing and being a vegetarian myself I love all the variety Odd’s offers! I know the girl that drew that T Rex! I love that Odd’s has become a part of Asheville 🙂 the most interesting latte I’ve had is a matcha powder latte with citrus lime added and lemon essence sprinkled on top. Delicious!

    1. Breanna, a rose or lavender chai latte from Odd’s would probably be delicious! So cool that you know the artist behind the T-Rex– it’s definitely one of their most awesome features! I’ve never had a matcha latte but I’m thinking I need to try one ASAP! Thanks for entering! 🙂

  8. I’m a sucker for any coffee that has chocolate in it. The combo of bitter and sweet sucks me in everytime

  9. My favorite coffee is an Irish coffee. Something special about Jameson and Bailey’s with a nice hazelnut coffee! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…

    1. Thanks, Julie! We should definitely have a blogger date at Odd’s! OH, and just to be fair, please tell me the most interesting coffee/tea drink you’ve ever had so I can enter you into the contest!

  10. Hi Rebecca! I live just over the mountain in Erwin, TN. Asheville has always been my favorite weekend destination. You guys have the best food, art, and shopping. I have never visited Odd’s Cafe, but I will definitely be adding them to my list! As for the most unique drink I have ever had… sweetened ice tea with clove.

  11. In Seattle at a tiny little local coffee shop I had a “deconstructed latte” and it was amazing! They gave you an espresso shot, a shot of fresh local organic milk, and then another one of the milk and espresso already mixed. It was amazing to taste all the flavors in the milk and the espresso separately, then when you tasted them combined it brought out all new flavors! So yummy!

  12. I haven’t had too many really interesting, creative tea beverages. I think tea gets overlooked a lot. But, I’ve enjoyed a Lavender Earl Grey Latte and Starbucks used to offer a frozen/slushy drink that involved black tea and fruit juice. Nice review. So happy to learn about all the interesting flavors at Odd’s. I’ve never been but will be sure to stop by to try now.

  13. Hmmm. I guess the most interesting drink to me will always be a Cafe ‘Ole at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. I love returning to that town and settling down for a warm glass of chicory coffee infused with warm milk. I guess I’m old school. Lol

  14. I think the most unique (and one of the yummiest) teas I had was a ginger turmeric chai latte with cashew milk. I think it was at World Coffee in Asheville. I was feeling like a sickness may be coming on and the barista suggested she would “fix me right up” needless to say, I didn’t get sick. 🙂

  15. It was a Indian inspired latte with cardamom and other spices from ursaminorcoffe before Eli sold the truck . So good!

  16. A coffee Brandy Alexander – coffee, brandy, vodka and vanilla ice cream – blended with ice cubes and sprinkled with cinnamon.

    Also, happily liked Odd’s on Facebook!

  17. The strangest coffee drink I’ve ever had was from Vortex Doughnuts downtown. I can’t remember the name of the drink, but it was iced espresso with coconut milk and lemongrass. So strange, so delicious.

  18. I went to Scotland years ago and at tea time, my grandmother made me a cup of tea. She put cream and sugar in it. I was used to tea with honey or sugar, but I had never had tea with cream. It was pretty good!

  19. I’m pretty basic in my coffee drinking and love their latte. Not crazy unique, but it’s just the right amount of foam and delicious. Plus it’s my favorite place to work!

  20. I usually try to stick to a simple Chemex pour over and add the least amount of sweeteners, but when I do get a flavored latte, I Love Almond Joys (Almond, coconut and dark chocolate flavor syrups).

  21. I also loved City Bakery’s Honey Lavender, and Caramel Rosemary Latte flavors.

    I have liked Odds, and RoseyRebecca on FB, followed on Instagram, followed blog, and shared on FB as well 🙂

    I would love to check out Odds for the very first time! I always want to stop by when I’m driving past it.

  22. Usually I just like a nice cup of dark roast or a cortato, but if I’m going to have something different I really enjoy a half gingerbread half vanilla latte!

    We haven’t been to Odds yet, now I’m excited to try it! 🙂

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