March Confessions (2016)

Hey All! Happy FriYAY!

I was running around like a crazy person trying to get ready for our trip to New York tonight and  trying to figure out what to post about today, when suddenly I realized it’s been quite some time since I’ve done a confessions post.  They’re so fun to write and hopefully fun to read! Feel free to leave some of your own March confessions in the comments! Here we go!


I spent all day Wednesday reading blogs.  No, really, that’s all I did.  I didn’t work out, I didn’t do dishes, I didn’t do laundry.

I just sat in bed all day and read blogs. Then I tweeted links to said blogs.  No shame.

Reading blogs in bed

Note: It’s super hard to type over a cat.

Another Note: Ignore the mess please. I already told you: I didn’t clean. I just read blogs.


I’ve changed our wedding colors at least 93 times.  (Mini confession: I exaggerate a lot.) I think we’ve finally settled on a color scheme though, and when I say we I really mean me because this is one thing Jeff just doesn’t care too much about. It could have something to do with the fact that he’s colorblind.  I really need to make a concrete decision by next weekend though because that’s when we’re going bridesmaid dress shopping…and mother of the bride dress shopping…and flower girl dress shopping. I have a feeling that the whole wedding party and the bridal shop will kill me if I don’t have it down by then.

Wedding Color Palette

Right now I’m completely OBSESSING over these blush pink wedding ideas, especially the flower girl dresses.  We have two flower girls, my niece Eloise and Jeff’s little cousin Elizabeth, and right now I’m picturing them in HUGE POOFY pink dresses, because, duh.  I’m really loving the burgundy/marsala/blush pink/gold/ivory combo right now—kind of like this and this.  You might have noticed my obsession with this combo in my blog header. Think I picked those colors for a reason? Winking smile


I’m a binger.  A Netflix and Hulu binger, that is.

Before I say anymore, NO, I HAVE NOT WATCHED THIS SEASON OF HOUSE OF CARDS YET *covers ears and eyes and face* NO SPOILERS PLEASE! Jeff was busy volunteering for an actual presidential candidate, so we haven’t started it yet.  But can we talk for a second about how much I love and absolutely hate Fuller House?  I mean, seriously, I understand how I loved this corny show when I was five but singing and choreographed dancing and laugh tracks, REALLY?  I just finished watching the first season and as I hard as I tried to pull my eyes away, I just couldn’t. I think it’s that childhood nostalgia.  The acting is SO BAD but it’s the kind of bad that’s just SO GOOD, you know? Speaking of SoBadSoGood shows, another one I’m hate-watching right now is Happy Endings. I don’t think it’s on air anymore (and I definitely understand why), but I can’t stop watching it.  One show I’m absolutely IN LOVE WITH, however, is New Girl. I’m following this season on Hulu, which means I watch it the day after it airs, but I look forward to it every week.  It’s such a fun show. As for a show I’m totally going to drop everything for when it airs: GILMORE GIRLS: SEASONS. I’m just too excited for words. Lorelai and Rory are my heroes.  Also super excited for Game of Thrones!


I’ve become HORRIBLE at motivating myself to work out at home.  This is completely baffling to me because I used to be so good about it, often doing workout DVDs at 6 in the morning. I’m awesome about making it to gym classes like spinning and yoga, but when it comes to forcing myself to do a home workout?  I procrastinate like it’s my job.


I’ll wake up and say, I’ m just going to have some coffee first. 

Then, But now I need to have some breakfast.

Two hours later, I guess I could work out now, but I need to eat lunch.

Then, Let me just read a few blogs, watch five episodes of Fuller House and take a three-hour nap.

Finally, Time to work out! Oh, but dinner. Can’t exercise on an empty stomach.

Then, the out, It’s late, I’ll just get up tomorrow morning and do it.

Rinse and Repeat.  The second part of this confession is that I didn’t exercise Sunday through Wednesday because of this very cycle. Thursday morning though? I was up and at spin class before 10 a.m. This morning? Yoga at 11 a.m., no problem. This is frustrating, specifically because I just wrote a post about struggling with weight loss. I’m just getting in my own way, but I’m going to try to not beat myself up over it.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


My bedtime is anywhere from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. because I’m an old lady.  I am not the type of person who can stay up really late or pull all-nighters and be productive. I’d rather wake up at 4 a.m. and get things done than stay up until 4 a.m.  Almost ALL of my friends are the complete opposite, which makes me REALLY lame to hang out with on the weekends.  Jeff makes fun of me all the time.

On rare occasions I stay up past my bedtime and most of the time it results in total brain farts. Case in point, on Sunday night I stayed up SUPER late working on a blog post.  My Odd’s Cafe Giveaway ended at midnight and I wanted to pick a winner and schedule my post to go up a 6 a.m. on Monday. I finished it a little after 12 but then I had technical difficulties trying to post it and stayed up until 1:30 a.m. trying to fix it.  Finally I got it to work and went to bed happy that I’d figured it out and had a post scheduled. Well, I woke up at around 8 a.m. on Monday and guess what? No post! I had accidentally scheduled it for 6 a.m. on TUESDAY instead of 6 a.m. on Monday. ARGH.  So, yeah, late night blogging just isn’t for me.  I’ll stick to my 8 p.m. bedtime, thankyouverymuch.


I’m the queen of packing at the last minute. Actually I’m the queen of doing pretty much everything at the last minute. It drives Jeff absolutely crazy.

Guests coming over?  I speed clean like a champ ten minutes before they get there.

Need to be somewhere at 10?  I get ready at 9:56 and am out the door by 9:57.

Packing for a trip to NY?  Procrastinate. Procrastinate. Procrastinate. Go to sleep at 7 p.m. the night before we leave and then get up at 4 a.m. and run around in the dark like a crazy person throwing everything imaginable into my suitcase.

My packing strategy very closely mirrors that of Jenna Marbles.  Going away for a week?   Yes, Jeff,  I most definitely need to bring our whole closet. Sheesh.

What if it snows? Or rains? Or is too hot? Or we go to a show? Or to the gym? Or hiking? Or dancing? Or TO ALBANY ON MY BIRTHDAY (who said that?)

This video never gets old.

What are your March Confessions?

How do you motivate yourself to work out at home?

What shows do you binge watch?

Have a Wonderful Weekend! See ya ON MY BIRTHDAY Monday! <3

(P.S. Prepare yourself- Monday’s post is going to be A BEAST! Hey, it’s my birthday- I do what I want)

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  1. i can’t wait to see Elosie in those dresses! And that video never fails to crack me up. Also GAME OF THRONES! 🙂

  2. The best part of Happy Endings is Casey Wilson. I adore her as an actress – she’s just so funny.
    I have similar feelings about Fuller House. If you enjoyed it as a kid, then you’ll probably enjoy the nostalgia of the update, but no, it’s not great acting.
    Ange @ Cowgirl Runs recently posted…Workout Recap – Week 11My Profile

  3. Love your wedding colors! You should definitely stick with them!

    I’m a morning person too. I get up at 5am everyday so that means I’m in bed by 8pm (reading) and asleep by 9pm most nights. If I have something going on that keeps me out later than 9pm, I’m usually pretty grumpy the next day!

  4. We’re right in the middle of House of Cards, so I feel you about the spoilers. We’re hoping to finish tonight and start Daredevil!

    I also feel you on the working out at home. I lost most of my big weight loss by working out at home, but now I just can’t seem to get motivated to do it. I’m a gym-goer all the way now.
    Becki @ Fighting for Wellness recently posted…CoffeeBar Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  5. Ahhhh!! You are seriously SO cute! I’m right there with ya on the tweet… “but Netflix needs me!” hehe… I love it! Confession? Hmmm… I just started Spring break and my goal is to get ahead on a bunch of assignments, but relaxation is priority #1!! So hello Netflix! <3
    xoxo Cailee!
    Cailee recently posted…Stop and Smell the Roses!My Profile

  6. Haha, this post cracked me up! This is my first time visiting your blog, but I’m really enjoying it. You should do a post about your fave blogs since you read so many! I’m in such a blog ‘rut’ right now and could use new inspiration. 🙂

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